Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Blogger Request -- Justice League, Part 1!

Hey guys!

It's Karalee!

Short post today, but a big piece of art to show! (At least, it will be a big piece when it's done.)

I wasn't originally going to draw any groups like the Justice League or the Avengers because of how many chibis there were in each, but... I was out of ideas. *eheeheehee*

So, I decided to divide the group drawings up into two weeks' worth of posts! This week is the initial sketch, and next week will* be the finished version.
(* Read: should)

Here's my reference pic...

..and here's the chibi-base sketch! Sorry it's not centered, somethin' funny seems to be going on with the photo insertion.   o.o *shrug*   Not sure what.

The lines in black are the lines I drew to make the chibis look like the Justice League, the lines in gray are the base -- AKA the lines I didn't draw. Sadly, I only found the base on Pinterest, and the artist who pinned it never included their signature. Credit to you, Unnamed-Artist-Who-Draws-Adorable-Chibis, whoever you are! *waves to artist* Thank you for making this base!

The Flash is on top (of course he quickly scrambled up there after everyone else was in), squished Batman is squished (and irritated), Martian Manhunter is peeping over Hawkgirl's head at Green Lantern, Hawkgirl is posing for the camera with her mace, Superman and Wonder Woman are just being their naturally flawless selves (😜), and Green Lantern is grumpy because there's no room for him in the bowl.

And what chibis are doing in a bowl anyway is anybody's guess....

Maybe it was full of noodles, and they ate them all already?

Why do you think they were in the bowl? Leave me a comment with your reason! 😊 And ideas for future post-drawings. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaase? *gives the readers big puppy dog eyes*

That's all I got for now, guys! Seeya around!




  1. Yay for Justice League!!!! That is so cute!!! :O

    Hmm, maybe they are inside the bowl because they wanna watch their own movie, and ate all the popcorn? Idk :P

    Btw, thanks for posting your art, I'm inspired to draw a bit more, and I finally drew a (Non weird looking) Baby Groot! Of course, not really chibi style, but I absolutely can't draw people, like ever.

    Anyways, keep up the good work!!!


    P.S What about a Baby Groot? Yeah I know, as well as being horse crazy I also sorta like Marvel and DC :P

    1. "I am Groot" "I'm batman!" "I am Groot!" "I'm batman!"

    2. Bahahaha, Lol :P

      What's next now? Something Ninja? :P (As in phrase :P)


  2. Yayyyyyy! Hehe, there’s the Flash again. XDDD

    Awesome art!!!! :0

  3. Awesome as usual Kara :O

    Hmm... its the bowl of justice? XD

  4. I'm not into superheroes at all, but that chibi drawing is just so adorable. :o

    Maybe there was something in it and they got hungry, and since they b chibis they su coot, someone wanted to take their picture. Thus, some people look mad. XDD

    Could you draw Darren and Hiedi after you finish this drawing? :D That would be awesomeeee c:

    Remember, God made YOU!


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