Saturday, September 16, 2017

Buddy spotlight, Extra Fix My Eyes.

Greetings my friends! Today I will be doing a VERY special post.
For the next for weeks, I will be doing something I am calling, Buddy Spotlight, I will be started from the top of my buddy list. Also I will be doing 3 bloggers at a time.
So starting from the top,


(her animal wouldn't load on AJ so I had to take this off of her blog lol)

I remember when Val first joined the Blogger community, She was the first new person we'd seen in quite awhile! So I was very exited to have her read our blogs! (And us read hers!,
Even though I don't get to talk to her a lot, She is still a good friend of mine, and a part of the Blogger Community. :)


(AJ has been really slow and glitchy for me and the clothes on the animal's wont work ..... )

Annabelle is an amazing artist and friend, again I don't get to talk to her all that much, but she is fun to hang around, her art is simply amazing. 
She has given me some tips on how to improve my art, and it has helped! :D


(finally the clothes load)

Arcticstar is the owner of the Animal Jam Community, an amazing artist, and amazing den decorator! 
I love to look at her neatly decorated dens! It almost looks like AJHQ designed it! o,o

And that is it for this week, but, I realized that I haven't been doing Fix my eyes, So I will be doing 4 of them today, And I promise to remember to do them from now on. 

(next week I will finish it. :D ) 

*Husky Ninja


  1. Ok so I was asked to post my appearance by I believe Sarah, not too sure (very sorry if it wasn't)

    I have crazily long hair that goes down to my waist, I'm blonde and sorta pale but not really and have blue eyes. I'm quote tall. So yeah that's what I look like



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