Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Christain Music Tag!

Heyyyyyy there Jammers! Saaaaaaaarrrraaaaaahhhkey8 back with another post!

1. What/who's your favorite Christian band/artist? 
Probably Owl City, and then Josh Wilson, and then Audio Adrenaline, and then Royal Tailor! I just love Owl City's musicccccccccccc

2. What's your favorite Christian song? 

I do not have one XD Some of my favorites as of right now though (Not by Owl City because rn all those are my favorite lol!)  are:  How To Fall by Josh Wilson, Waves by Royal Tailor, annnd Spirit Burn by Audio Adrenaline! 

3. Have you ever been to a Christian concert?  

No, not yet at least, I want to go to an Owl City one super bad though! 

4. If you could see any Christian band/artist in concert, who would it be?

An Owl City one of course! Owl City is by far my favorite band/artist! 

There will be no "The Adventure" rewritten today, sorry guys 😐

And I am reallllyyyyyyyyyyyy sorry for this really short post D:  


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