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The Project - Bio's And Deadlines!

Hey Jammers! Graciepopstar91 here, with another project post! Without any delay, let's get right to it!


So, we're finally starting the project! Before we get to the author bio's, and all the deadlines, here's some information about the project.



First, we all end up in the creator of the blogger portal's house. It turns out that the creator of it only made it for bad instead of good, and sends us all different directions to different places. Let's say I ended up in Jamaa Township, and after some exploring, I find a portal, I jump in it, then Coolcat takes it on, and puts us in whatever place she wants. Then she finds a portal, jumps in, then the next person picks it on and so on. But along the way, we find different challenges. 

Story name

No one has commented about this part of it. Do you think maybe we could call it something like, "The Blogger Portal - An Animal Jam Bloggers Collab"? I'm still not sure yet about this section.


To give me your chapter/illustration/graphic edit, please put it on your blog, and comment a link on the project page for it. ^.^

If you have any questions about The Project, please comment on the project page, Jam-A-Gram me, or leave a post on the Google+ Animal Jam Bloggers Community. If you would like to join this community, please get your parents permission!

Are we accepting anymore participants?

No, unfortunately not. But, you're more than welcome to do some illustrations/graphic editing, even if you're not a blogger, or are going to participate! If we get a few illustrations/graphic edits, I might make a "fan art" page for the project.

How many participants are there?

About 19! Thank you all so much for wanting to participate in this. ^.^


That being said, let's get to the bio's and the deadlines! The bio's are for the illustrators, so they know how to draw your character. It also might be handy for the authors as well, if they need to know the characters appearance.


Bio's on the authors:

Graciepopstar91: Skin tone: white
 Outfit: Black skirt down to my feet, plain blue short sleeve shirt, flip-flops that have this rope thing on the feet.. Gosh I don't know how to explain it XD If any illustrator has trouble with it I'll post a picture XDD I also have blue glasses, a cross necklace, a greenish-teal watch, and a ring that has Philippians 4:6 on it, and I have a blue hair bow that ties off my shirt to the right side, since normally my shirts are a lil long XD
Hair color/length: Straight brown hair, with my bangs to the right side, and it goes to my chest.
Eye color: Green

Coolcat89252: Skin tone: Tan
Outfit: Black t-shirt with a cross on it, black pants
Hair color: Very dark brown
Hairstyle/length: Pony tail with a headband, length, down past my ears in a pony tail
Eye color: Brown

LostfairySkin tone: Peach? White? I don't know how to describe it! XD
Outfit: My main look is good! So, grey beret, red shirt, grey designer skirt, and red pearl bracelet. :) If I ever change clothes or something, I could also be in a causal outfit: shorts/jeans, baggy shirt, sneakers.

Hair color: Brown with lighter and darker brown streaks mixed naturally. :)

Hair style/length: My hair is usually kept down but I sometimes pull it up in a messy ponytail. My hair has natural slight curls. And my hair is mid-back length!

Eye color: Brown!

Note: If any of you artists WANT to, I always have a slight pink/red to my cheeks. Just slightly! I was born with it. XD

SwirlshineSkin tone: Darn, I never know how to describe this color! Light skin-color (but not pale), I guess? I hope you understand what that means, XD!

Outfit: My wolf, Flora Daisypride's, outfit. I'd love for the Wind Amulet and the Wizard Hat to stay the same, but I love how some artist, like Kara, make my Clover Blanket into a jacket, so I'll go with that idea! As for the Spirit Glove, you can do what Craz did, and make the design on it into a shoe design (btw I normally wear tennis shoes XD)!

So basically, to sum this up, a Wizard Hat, Wind Amulet, clover-print yellow jacket, and light-gray-and-light-blue tennis shoes! :D

Hair Color: Light brown (not super light though, XD!)
Hair Style/Length: Long, with slight natural waves
Eye Color: Dark brown

SnowlondonSkin tone: Fair
Outfit: Purple tutu and white tiara, with light pink shirt (style is up to you).
Hair color: Dark blonde

Hair style/length: Shoulder length, strait, worn down
Eye color: Dark green

Megadiancie7Her skintone is light, like mine.
Her hair is short, and dark blonde.
Her eyes are greyish blue.
Her outfit is a blue butterfly hair clip and a necklace, but for her clothes (since she obviously needs clothes) you could give her a pink dress with yellow moons (because that's her animal's colour and pattern).


Sarahkey8Hair color and style: Light brown not exactly blonde, a bit darker then blonde, in a black ponytail (well whenever I can have it in a ponytail, I have yet to learn to do it by myself XD)

eye color: Blue

I have a new outfit because my old one (the dark blue one with the roses on it) is almost to small *CRIES* so it is

Shirt: White shirt with grey stripes, grey flowers in the 'backround' of it (they looked like they were sketched with pencil, I just notice it now XDD)
uh things: Long grey skirt, goes down to a couple inches above my feet, white or black leggings (normally black)
other: pink glasses (not bright pink XD)
also new shoes XD 
Shoes: Grey shoes, the bottom of it is white XD

Violet86271Your skin tone: Not pale but not tan something in the middle I guess
Your outfit: If Everyone has there online appearances then you can do my goat I guess but if not then for normal life you can do blue jeans/shorts and a plain coloured t shirt/shirt
Hair Colour: Dark brown but not supeeer dark brown 
Hair style/length: Mostly straight with a bit of wave not a lot though and about 3 inches past my shoulders 
Eye Colour: Brown 

Flora CutegirlSkin tone: Pale
Hair color: Dark blonde  
Hair length: Long (covers my back,hehe)
Eye color: Green (emerald-ish)

Whatever106Skin tone: Tan (so basically hispanic)
Outfit (offline on online, doesn't matter): Deep turquoise headphones, pale aqua maxi dress
Hair color: Dark chocolate brown
Hair style/length: Long and wavy
Eye color: Same color as hair



Graphic editing the front cover:
Snowlondon: December 30th 2017

Chapter: Graciepopstar91: September 8th 2017
Swirlshine: September 17th 2017
Graphic editing:
Violet86271: September 17th 2017

Coolcat89252: September 18th 2017
Purplestarclub: September 26th 2017

Sarahkey8: September 27th 2017
Transions: October 5th

Flora Cutegirl: October 6th 2017
Coolcat89252: October 13th 2017
Graphic editing:
Cuddly/Nafaria8/Cookies are mine: October 13th 2017

Violet86271: October 14th 2017
Crazcatlover: October 21st 2017

Lostfairy: October 22nd 2017
Sarahkey8: October 30th 2017
Graphic editing:
Kraft: October 30th 2017

Swirlshine: October 31st 2017
Flora Cutegirl: November 7th

Whatever106: November 8th 2017
Talloose: November 21st 2017
Graphic editing:
Ja983: December November 21st 2017

Snowlondon/Megadiancie7 (collab team): November 22nd 2017
Coolcat89252: November 30th 2017

Arcticstar8404: December 1st 2017
Kraft: December 10th 2017

Graciepopstar91: December 11th 2017
Transions: December 20th 2017

Graphic editing the back cover:
Graciepopstar91: December 30th 2017

Crazcatlover (editing the story)February 5th 2018

Please note that the illustrator/graphic artist must read the authors chapter before illustrating/editing, to know what they need to draw. This doesn't apply to the authors.


Apologies if it was kinda complicated at the beginning of organizing this project, it's been difficult to organize everything. But, hopefully all the info, and the new project page I made (that has all the bio's and such on it, you can click here to view it) will make things a bit more organized and easier to understand.

I can't wait to get things going with this! I'll be back with my chapter, in hopefully the next post! If I don't post it on the 7th, I'll for sure have it done and up on the 8th.


Here's todays Bible verse!

Proverbs 15:22

Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.

The verse I want us all to remember during this project! ^.^ Do you have any advice/opinions for this? Be sure to comment down below!

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.

P.S. Today is my "jamiversary"! I joined Animal Jam exactly 4 years ago today. ^.^


  1. Wait so I have a question, since quite a few of us aren't a author on this blog, do we give you our chapter to post or...? And I was thinking also, after this is done it'd be cool if you made a page about it on this blog, with the story, bloggers involved and all the graphics and pictures!

    1. Yep! You guys can put your chapter/edit/drawing on your blogs, or on the Google+ community, and I'll post them on AJFC.

      Yeah! I'll be sure to do that! :D :D

      Remember, God made YOU!

  2. Do the Illustrators and Graphic Editors need to write a bio too? :P That question just randomly wondered in me' Head.

    1. No, not unless they're going to be written into the story. :Shrugs: might be a good idea tho!

      Remember, God made YOU!

  3. Aw man! I'm gonna be super busy with school in October so I can't do it. I don't want to back out on this project either so is there anyway that you could switch me with someone who has work due in September?
    I know that I'm being a bother right now but I really can't work in October with exams going on. If you could maybe switch my spot, that'd be really great but if it's impossible, I understand. Though I wouldn't be able to participate then. :( I'm really sorry about this!

    1. Okay, that's fine, I totally understand! :) I'll switch that up right now.

      Remember, God made YOU!

  4. Yay! Super excited! I changed my username, by the way.

  5. Never mind. Just leave my username the way it is.

    1. Oh okay :) What's your new username, by the way?

      Remember, God made YOU!

    2. daylitedreamer. It's up to you if you want to change it the Project.

    3. Sorry if I'm annoying, but is it ok if I have my new user in the Project?

  6. I suggest a rule that all authors must write their part of the story in the same tense/perspective. I suggest past tense and 3rd person perspective (example: Crazcatlover wrote a comment and then Graciepopstar read it), that way it won't be a chaotic combination of tenses and perspectives.


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