Saturday, September 30, 2017

Buddy Spotlight

Greetings ya'll I am here in meh room writing, listening to music, checking trades on Chicken Smoothie, and talking to peeps. XD 
(A story that we all must leave behind! It'd do or die and this is mine, the anthem of a bird with a broken wing!) 
Today I will be featuring 3 more of my friends in the Buddy Spotlight!

And Historicalhistory


Custard has been my buddy for a very long time, she was one of the first 7 bloggers I met I think! :D 
Custard is on a lot, So I can pretty much talk to her any time XD 
Custard is really nice, makes cute drawings, and is always there to help! 


Gfox is the author of (even though she kinda quite but she said she'll still post about twice a month) 
I barely get to talk to Gfox which I miss. D: 
But at least I can still keep in contact with her through her blog. :)


Historicalhistory quit I early in the year. 
It was sad. :C 
She was a great artist, friend, and more. 
You might be thinking it's kinda weird to have her on the buddy spotlight 
But maybe, she'll by chance see this post one day. :) 

Fix My Eyes! 

(Blooper XDD)

*Husky Ninja 

1 comment:

  1. It's a choir of animals!!! :OOO XD

    And ah, these posts are good, Ja! Buddies are amazing, no matter if they have quit. Their memories still go on. :)


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