Friday, September 29, 2017

Arctic's List of Excellent Non Member Items!

Hello Jammers, Arctic here! I've recovered from my cold at last, and I'm better than ever!

Now, if you've read my posts recently you would know that my membership expired about a week ago! At first I was really bummed out. There's a lot that non members CAN'T do. But why focus on the negatives when you could look at the positives?

I designed a new autumn-inspired den for myself that is entirely non member and I had so much fun! That got me thinking - why not discuss some of my favourite non member items? Let's get into it, shall we?

This is in no particular order - just a compilation of some items I adore!

1. The entire simple non-member item set!

I particularly love the couch and the table! The couch looks so comfy and well-built (a lot of non member items often look tattered)! And the tables can be used in creative ways such as a porch for the front of your den - credit to PierceArrow for the idea!

2. Lucky Chairs

These little chairs come out in March and boy do I love them! They're extremely cute, versatile, and give your den a nice homely feel!

3. Wooden Toy Boxes

This item is extremely easy to use and it can be earned from some adventures! Don't know what to put by that empty patch of wall? Place a toy box there! It makes for a great and practical item. I also love how woody and earthy it is - the true spirit of AJ!

4. Chicken Beak

This item is loads of fun! Slap it on any animal and you've got yourself a recipe for a good time. I particularly like this on Rhinos - trust me, it's hilarious!

5. Telescope

The telescope is definitely one of my all-time favourite den items. It's rare to find one of my dens that doesn't include this piece! It has a really cool old-timey look and seems very natural and true to the spirit of animal jam! It can also instantly turn any space into an interesting intellectual corner!

6. Jamaa Flag

It's simple, it's colourful, and it makes a great addition to any wall. What's not to love? This item has saved many of my walls from drab-land. Just stick one of these on your wall and it's an instant pop of colour to your den (and a pretty great reminder about the game we all love!)

7. Plushies!

There are so many varieties of them, and they're so cute! Plushies are a staple of my den decorating, and I really love hoarding them! Daily fun fact of the day: I have every single crocodile plushie in the set!
My personal favourite plushie of all time has to be my panda wearing sunglasses though:

He was one of the first plushies I ever collected, and I've had him since my first year playing AJ!

8. Shoji Screens

These items come in a variety of different styles, and make great dividers, walls, and even windows/wall decorations! I totally suggest that you guys try making shoji screen windows/wall decorations, or using them in different creative ways!

9. Pirate Swords

Handy for any adventure, these are among the coolest non member items ever! Cool, yet functional!

10. Masterpieces!

Now you might be thinking "Oh of course. How typical." But really! Masterpieces are paw-some! They can be anything from a cool decoration, a custom sign, a funny idea, to a symbol of friendship. Highly collectable, these make the perfect unique gift and an awesome decoration piece. I love masterpieces!

That's my list of items I really love. There's A LOT more, but that would have made the list crazy long! I tried to stay away from items such as betas that are difficult to get your paws on- it's always nice to showcase items that even beginner jammers can get!

That's all for this week folks, but not before the verse!

Be determined and confident. Do not be afraid of them. Your God, the Lord himself, will be with you. He will not fail you or abandon you. - Deuteronomy 31:6 (GNTD)

See you soon!

See you!


  1. You are an amazing den decorated Arctic! That porch idea was just GENIOUS!

    1. Thank you Sarah!! Credit to a jammer named PierceArrow for the porch idea, though!

      - Arctic

  2. I love all these items as well! ^.^ Non-members actually have it pretty good on AJ. ;)


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