Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Blogger Portrait -- Violet86271!

Heyyyyyyyyy, Jammers! Karalee here, with another Tuuuuuuuesday post! 😊

*stage whisper* And it's actually on time! How crazy is that??

This week, we're featuring the lovely Violet86271!

Here's her comment requesting a portrait, from the Animal Jam Artists' Collaborative;

(with a compliment underneath. 😁 Thank you Vi!)

...and here's the animal she requested to be drawn as, the Pig!

*oink oink* 🐷

Rough initial sketch --

-- very rough.

And here's a big jump to the reduced-opacity lineart, all ready for the Bow to be drawn!

(I didn't attempt to draw any Arrows for the Bow And Arrows, it'd be kinda crowded. Besides, there weren't any visible on the Pig.    ...Okay, okay, I admit it! I forgot them!    Ooooooopsie. 😳 But I feel like the reasons for leaving then un-drawn still stand, so I didn't add them after the fact.)

Here, the Bow is drawn (no pun intended), some marks resembling the Pig's pattern have been added, and the drawing is partially colored!

Juniper Poshscout (the Pig in question) has no red Leg Armor as Violet's portrait appears to, but in reality I drew the anklets as an extension of the already-shifted Leaf Necklace dress.

And... voila! This is the finished art! *spreads hands triumphantly*

I hope you loaf it, Violet! 😃

My favorite part of this art was the Flower Crown! That was tons of fun to draw! 😋

If YOU want a portrait drawn of your Animal Jam avatar as a human, please comment below with these four things:
A. Your skintone
B. Your hair color
C. Your eye color (optional)
D. The name of the animal you'd like to wear the outfit of!

Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-That's all, folks! *Porky Pig wave*




  1. Skintone: white tan i dunno
    Hair: brown in a ponytail
    Animal user: smartbunny01
    Do my wolf plz

  2. *Slowly raises hand sheepishly*
    Eheheheh... can I have oneee?
    You Guys: -_-

    XD! Anyways, if you do end up making this request-thingy, don't feel rushed! Honestly, I'd rather you do it if you're just bored and wanting to draw or something, instead of feeling like you have to get it done.
    So yeah! XD!

    Skin tone- Same you've made it before (I'd say a little paler than Violet's in this pic?)
    Hair- Brown, long, slight natural waves
    Eye color- Dark brown
    Animal- Hmm... you know what? How about I do my arctic wolf this time? It's one named Arctic Wolf- it's wearing a light orange Fox Hat, dirty purple Holiday Sweater, and a purple Heart Locket, and it's white-and-purple with gray-blue splotches for a pattern. I'll try to sign off with that animal so that you don't have to scroll through all of my... 30-something avatars. XDD!
    Aaand of course you know my username! XD!
    Like I said, you can do this whenever you want! (I'm telling you, if I stress you out in ANY WAY, I WILL feel guilty. Eheheheh.)
    Mkay gonna listen to Owl City nowwww! XD!

    -Swirlshine on her phone


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