Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Project Chapter Three by Sarahkey8!

Da 3rd chapter of The Project!

Sarah lost sight of all the other bloggers as soon as they all slid down  what Sarah could only assume was a portal. She looked down and saw that she was falling into another portal! Lord please help me, no matter where this portal takes me."  Splash! Sarah fell into the water!  She looked up and saw bright daylight through the water.
 She swam as fast as she could towards the land, crawling onto the shore, Sarah looked around, and saw waterslides, an aquarium and a juice-hut! Sarah shook her head. "No.. this can't be..." she said, half to herself. Sarah looked around.

She walked over to the waters edge. "Crystal Reef, and Crystal Sands.." she whispered. She wandered around for a while, until it was dark in fact! Then she went into the juice hut, found some soft blankets that were in a supply closet, and fell fast asleep.. When she woke up she made herself a smoothie and walked out. "Sarah!"a somewhat familiar voice called out.

 Sarah jumped, dropping her smoothie, spinned around to see Gracie and Coolcat! "Gracie! Coolcat!" I exclaimed running over to them and hugging them. "So glad you are alright! Coolcat smiled. "Same here!" "God kept us safe." Gracie said. "Do you really think we are in Crystal Sands?" Sarah asked. "We must be, look at this sign!" Gracie said walking over to the aquarium.

"Tierny's Aquarium.." Sarah said, her voice trailing off.  Suddenly, they heard footsteps from inside the Aquarium! "Behind this rock!" Sarah exclaimed, rushing over to a giant rock. The girls hid behind the rock, the door opened slowly, a girl walked out, looking around cautiously. "Ja!" Sarah exclaimed rushing out to hug her sister. "Have you seen anybody else?" Coolcat wondered. Ja grinned, "Kraft is here too!" And with that, a girl with blue eyes and long blonde hair, wearing a red plaid tshirt walked out of the aquarium. "This is unbelievable! But how did you get here? I didn't see you guys fall down the portal I went down!"  "We got dropped in Coral Canyons." Kraft explained. "Glad this isn't Aldan!" Gracie joked. "We better start looking for a portal." Sarah said, "Who knows where that is! We're in Jamaa for goodness sakes!" Ja moaned. "It's not here.. not in Coral Canyons.. You guys checked all the buildings in Coral Canyons, right?" Sarah asked Ja and Kraft, who nodded. "We shouldn't split up, who knows whats around here." Gracie observed. "Let's go back to Coral Canyons, maybe there is something we missed."
So they went to Coral Canyons
"Uhm guys?" Sarah asked. "What is it?" Kraft asked. "If this is Coral Canyons.. doesn't that mean there are the animals from Animal Jam here? Like the ones from the journey books?" Sarah asked. "Me and Ja didn't see any, so I guess not." Kraft replied and Ja nodded. "Phew! Because that would be bad!" A rattling sound. "Put down those pebbles Ja! You wont need a souvenir! " Gracie laughed. Ja stared. "I put those down a while ago." Ja said. "Then what is that noise?" Kraft asked tilting her head. Suddenly Coolcat eyes widened in horror and pointed at something. "Rattlesnake..." Sarah whispered hoarsely. "Step back... slowly.." Coolcat said The rattlesnake rattled its tail again, and then poised to strike, its tail still rattling! "Run!" Sarah whispered urgently.

The girls ran away as quickly as they could, the rattling faded into the distance. "Let's not do that again." Sarah laughed nervously. "Let's keep going." Gracie said. "There's the art studio." Kraft pointed out. "Did you and Ja go in it?" Sarah asked, "Yes, it's pretty cool!" Ja replied  "Let's go see it!" Coolcat exclaimed. They entered the studio, which looked very different, because it was not cartoon. They stayed there a bit, then went up to the bridge. "Look at this view!" Sarah breathed. "Don't jump, or it will fall!" Ja joked.  "And if you don't jump, you'll be doomed on this bridge forever!" a mocking voice said from out of nowhere. "That sounded like our 'host'!" Gracie exclaimed. "It is." the voice said again. 

The girls spinned around and there stood their host!  The girl was smirking. "Ah, your friends are scattered everywhere. How will you find them?" "We got this far didn't we?" Sarah glared at her, barely keeping her temper in check. "Ah yes, but will your other friends be able to face the challenges? And will you fail at the next challenge?" The girl taunted. "God will help us." Gracie said, taking a step forward. Everyone else nodded.
 "A lot of good your God did you." "He helped us find each other." Ja said. "I'll see to it that you get separated, one way or another." And with that, she ran off the bridge! And disappeared in a burst of green sparks. "What do we do about her warnings?" Kraft questioned.

"I don't like it, let's get off this bridge." Sarah said running towards the end of it, she bumped her head on something! "An invisible wall." Sarah muttered.  They tried every way but there was no way off the bridge! "Guys! Look below us under the bridge!" Kraft exclaimed "The portal!" the girls said in unison. "How do we get to it?" Sarah asked.
 "Jump." Kraft replied. "Are you sure there isn't another way?" Sarah asked. "Unfortunately yes." Gracie replied.  "This seems familiar." Coolcat said to Gracie. "What do you mean?" Sarah asked, confused. "We had to jump off the sinking Titanic to get to the portal." Gracie explained. Everyone still looked confused. "Tell you later! No time. Jump!
Thankfully, everybody landed in the portal, where unknown challenges awaited them. 

Thats the end of my chapter! Hope you guys enjoyed!  Tell me what you think in the comments! :D
“My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:19,



  1. Nice chapter! :D Can't wait to see what will happen next. :o

  2. Wooah, NICE Sarah!!! I loved it!!! Man, I wish I had the chance to see Jamaa in person like that! XD!

    Ooh... I still need to think of where my portal will take me for my chapter... hmm...

  3. I'll have the illustration done by Sunday! Great Chapter!

  4. Ahhhh thank you so much Sarah! I liked your chapter! :D :D And thank you Transions, for the illustration! c:

    Remember, God made YOU!


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