Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Art Montage

Yooooooo, Jammers! 😆 Karalee here!

So... I didn't have anyone to draw.

Can someone please request a Blogger Portrait? 😜 Anyone? Doesn't matter if you've been drawn before! I just need your username, skintone, hair color, and the name of the animal you wanna be drawn wearing the outfit of!

Since I have no Blogger Portrait to show you this time, you may have to be content with *gasp!* other art. 😨 *DUN dun duuuuuuun* (I've been making a lot lately! 😊)

Lineart of a girl with braided pigtails and a baseball cap leaning against a box of some sort. Inspired by... well, by the time I braided my hair into two pigtails and wore a baseball cap. *exaggerated shrug* 😝 I liked the look of it, so I drew a character with them.

This is a character sketch of somebody I might like to put in a story one day... she's got awfully big eyes, huh?

Click to enlarge, and you may find it necessary to turn up the brightness. Long story short, for this painting, I was messing around with different brushes and blocks of color and filters, and at one point I realized I had something that looked like another planet, complete with two suns and red grass. Therefore, I added details such as plants and enhanced the features already there, and boom! Alien landscape. (Even later I realized I had drawn Gallifrey without trying to! O.o)

Drawn from a photo ref of me for the basic shapes of the jawline, lips, and forehead. The mouth of a profile is always the hardest part for me... how far does which part stick out? I always end up giving them a jutting chin or overhanging top lip.

Also drawn from a photo ref of me... unfinished as of yet. A sort of fantasy warrior. Mom said she looked Nordic. *tilts head, squints* *nods* ...yeah, I can see it.

This is concept art for a character I have plans for. His name is Lukas (that was obvious though), and he's a student at a school for superheroes. 😋 Do you like his outfit? What improvements could I make?

ALSO used a photo ref of me here (sensing a pattern, anyone?), and also somewhat unfinished. She looks pretty okay as she is, but there are some shadows and definition on the shirt that I'd like to add -- and maybe some shading on the hair-curls, too.

And that brings us to the end of this miscellaneous art post! I hope you guys enjoyed, and I hope to have much more art to share in the future! 😁 Now, if I may draw this to a close, my quick-cook hashbrowns with Brie cheese are getting cold... ...I pick the strangest things for a midnight snack. ಠ~ಠ

Welp, that's all for now... wait, what?? Oh no, that copy-and-paste face must have messed with the font! I'll just -- hold on -- *clanging sounds,cat yowling in the distance* -- ... well that fixed the color, how do I get my font back?

Hang on -- *more banging noises and the odd sound of a cowbell* -- there.

That's better. 😊

That's all for now, Jammers! *waves paw* Bye!



  1. User: Ja983 Animal:
    King Tough Bunny
    Skintone: Tan
    Hair Color: A lighter brown.
    Tysm Kara! :D

    *Husky Ninja

    1. *points, winks, makes clicking noises with mouth*


  2. These are amazing!! :O


    User: Lostfairy
    Animal: Little Cutepig, Fuzzy Sleeplilac, Darling Smartyrose, Twinkle Shyspirit, or Happy Speedypride. I love all of these outfits so honestly, pick the one you want to draw most and surprise me!! :D
    Skin: Peach
    Hair color: a mix of browns

    Thanks, Kara!!

    1. Oooooooo, multiple choice! CX Thanks, Lost!


  3. Hi Kara! I love that art! Can I be drawn again?

    Skintone: Fair
    Hair stuff: Shoulder length, dark blonde, strait
    Eye colour: Dark green
    Aj avatar: A pink owl with a tiara and a purple tutu. The reference can be found at:


    -Snowlondon (who's blogger account has been hacked)



    2. I sadly don't know. Luckily my blog's still there but I can't log into it and when I try some weird things pop up trying to steal my info. My wordpress blog (my main one) is still perfectly accessible, thank goodness.

    3. I'm really glad it's still there -- I hope the issue gets resolved soon! o.o

      (And if you find out who -- *GLARES* -- you know where to find me.)


  4. EEEE I'D LOVE ANOTHER PIECE OF ART FROM YOU!!! Let's make this a lil' different though ;D?

    Username: ThawedBeggar
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Eye Color: Light Blue
    Hair Stoofs: Shoulder-Length, brown with a violet ombre (If that's how you spell it..?), slightly wavy with split ends.
    Animal: Countess Loopyapple (Blame randomizer, not me!)


    Just kidding XDD


    PS: Sorry about my absence lately, I've been into Amino a l o t. I'll try to be on a lot more!!
    PPS: Goin' to Disneyland tomorrow and won't be back until Sudnay.

  5. Those pictures are honestly AWESOME!!!


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