Saturday, September 9, 2017

Christian Music Tag, WIP Art

Heyo everyone, I am really sorry for not posting the last week ,weekends have just been really busy for me. D: 
But today I am finally here with a real post! 
You Guys: Woah, did she just say a real post? 
Me: Yes! :D 
You Guys: I'll believe it when I see it. 
Me: Fine

Two days ago Gracie tagged me, so today I will be be doing the Christian Music Tag, It should be fun so let us start! XD 

1. What/who's your favorite Christian band/artist?

I really like For King And Country, but there are tons of others I like too, so I can't really pick one XD 

2. What's your favorite Christian song?

I can't pick just one! O,O

3. Have you ever been to a Christian concert?


4. If you could see any Christian band/artist in concert, who would it be?

Ima just say For King and Country XD

That was fun Gracie! :D 

Now, Today I will also be showing you a few pieces of art I have started. 

This is a little thing I started for Gracie, It's from I Love Lucy, 

Image result for i love lucy stick figure
Hehe, I still gotta ways to go. XD 

Yeeeah, Still haven't done anymore on this. 

Husky face! :D
How do you think the eyes look? :D

And then I have another masterpiece I have planned, I must make all the Blob Baby's! :o I must I must.
And then I might make a Apple, Berry, and a Kiwi, (don't ask heheh)

And dat is all for today, bye people! :D
(Boo is cute) 

*Husky Ninja 


  1. Woah! I can't wait to see how that husky face turns out- it looks awesome so far!

  2. OOO, your masterpieces looks really cool so far! :O The husky is gonna look so neat!

    Yesssssss, I will make an Apple, Berry, and Kiwi masterpiece too because LOL! It was funny!!! XDD

  3. I remember seeing those on the hangouts and thinking they were awesome! They are in fact awesome!!


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