Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Arrrrr, mateys! 'Tis Karalee, ye scallywags!

You might be thinking it's National Talk Like A Pirate Day, with that intro.

It is not.

That's September 19th.

What it IS, is a few days before my library's Princess and Pirate Party! 😁 It's mostly for little kids (as in the flyer shows 5-year-olds in costumes), but since my younger siblings are going, I decided to dress up and go, too! (With the ulterior motive/hope of getting chocolate gold coins. Now that's booty worth goin' after!)

You Guys: Kaaaara! This isn't about Animal Jam!
Me: Ehheheheheh. *rubs back of neck with paw* I know. But it's 11:48 PM for me, and it's not even Tuesday still for most of you guys, and I've still got zero ideas for a blog post.

So I give you this.

It's a pirate.

In Animal Jam.

This post is now Animal Jam-related. 😆

I'm not going to go as just ANY old pirate, though, I'm going to go as a sky pirate! 😀 (It's a steampunk thing. I'm very into steampunk, in case I haven't mentioned it previously.) A sky pirate doesn't sail on the sea, he (or she) sails the clouds in an incredible flying airship! The ships are often the specific type known as "sky galleons"!

Gorgeous, ain't it? 😍

Usually, in real history, the only way for a woman to become a pirate was if she disguised herself as a man. But steampunk sky-piracy is an equal-opportunity field. 😜 There are just as many girl deckhands, or even captains, which is (besides a love of steampunk) the reason I chose the costume. (And also because princess costumes are itchy.)

I needed to make a list for the costume I'm gonna put together! My sister made one too. She's going as a princess. I don't actually know what my brother's going as... he could conceivably choose to be a prince. (I am of the opinion he would pick pirate, though.)

Update, I just asked Mom and she says he's not dressing up as anything. (Costumes are only "encouraged" at the party, not required.) He's not nuts about wearing outfits different from his usual clothes. (Neither am I really, but this is an occasion where the coolness factor outweighs the strange-clothes factor.)

Cricketlynn (sis)'s list goes thusly.

Red tiara
White dress shoes
White tights
White elbow-high gloves

She's made her princess wand-scepter-thingie already, and she's going to wear a short-sleeved burgundy velvet dress she already has.

My list goes thusly. (Original spelling left intact, hence the inconsistency of capital letters.)

Coat (I have that)
Sword (need it)
Goggles (make it)
I could really use a new pair of boots -- but can't get them now. When I do, though, could they be pirate-y?
Sword Belt (Not actually implied, it seems)
Black Corduroy Pants (Borrow)
Pirate-y air of condescension (Cultivate it)
Do I need a parrot?

Apparently it's "summer", and it's time for me to get hiking boots or tennis shoes instead of boots. Even though the temperatures are still in the fifties. This... is summer.

Arctic life, everybody. 😏 We embrace our "warm" weather while we have it.

I didn't put it on the list, but I'm considering the idea of getting a new shirt to wear under the coat I already have. The coat is a nice, dark brown suede, and I will be wearing the aforementioned black corduroy trousers with a lighter brown pair of (not-so-pirate-y) boots.

Should I get a bright-colored, daring shirt, or go with the muted color scheme? Maybe some fashion-minded Jammers reading this could give me some advice in the comments! 😀

Until next time, Jammers! KARA OUT! :PEACE:, :HEARTS:, :SNEAKY:! *walks off stage*



  1. Cool post!

    Did you know that one of the most successful pirates in history was actually a woman? She had control of vast amounts of Chinese fleets back in the day! She was so strong that the government had to end up trying to recruit her as part of their team, I believe XD

    The cool thing about pirates is that the rank system comes from your skills, and not you yourself. So outward appearances didn't matter so much as what you could bring to the table. It's a pretty cool system!

    Hope your event goes well!

    - Arctic

    1. Thanks Arctic! :D

      Yes, I do know about her! Her name was Ching Shih, and she took over her captain-husband's fleet when he died. I even saw what looked like an old photograph of her (but maybe it was a good drawing, it was rather fuzzy). She looked very proud of all she had accomplished, staring straight at the camera with a smile, quite uncommon for photos in those days.

      Now she was a pirate, and that's not actually something I want to emulate in real life. ;) But Ching Shih was pretty cool, and a really impressive example of what women were capable of handling in an era when they weren't taken very seriously.



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