Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Crazy Adoption, More Christianity in Jamaa?! & The Blogger Portal Chapter 6 !

Once upon a time, there were 2 sheep,
named Sarah and Custard, they were very strange, then they got adopted!

Then Sarah forgot to take screenshots at the beginning but got these pictures that were quite horrible because Sarah was lazy.

And then Custard had to go, and then Mommy said "Rude"

The end :)


But nobody was there, and Coldcat got in her face.

And then she was locked out. :'( 

The end :) (This time for real :o)
Comment Call Have you ever done a Crazy Adoption? Or been in the Crazy Family Roleplay? (I know Gracie and Custard have!!!)
So maybe a couple months ago, Gracie made a post about Christianity in Jamaa 
on The Animal Jam Community,  talking about Christianity in Jamaa, and showcasing to masterpieces, 

Well, today my masterpiece approved in about 3 hours, and it was the very first time I sent it in, 
I was afraid of it not getting approved, but imagine my surprise when..
IT APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This has got to be my best masterpiece XD Do you notice anything on why I was worried it wouldn't approve?
Look above the door,
The Cross 
 Other times when I have tried to make a masterpiece like this, it doesn't get approved, but this time it did! 
Either its that Christian moderator, or a moderator just looked over this.
Either way, I believe it was a miracle done by God.
What do you guys think about this? Comment your answer down in the comments :) 

And now, for The Blogger Portal Chapter 6!

Chapter 6 Abaddon-'Human' Version

The dragon dropped us off on a grassy place, then strangely left. "Strange." Naffy whispered. "Yeah, now where are we suppose to go?" Talloose asked. I noticed a building to the left of us. "How about there?" I suggested. 
"Are you sure nobody is in it?" Ja asked. "We're in Blogger Portal Land I don't think anybody will be in it." I answered. "Let's go then!" Custard exclaimed. We walked up to the strange building that looked like a temple of sorts, it had no doors, so we just walked right in.    

Suddenly we heard a noise that sounded like a blue whale, I shivered as if it was freezing, whale sounds had always made me feel uneasy, they were so spooky and eerie. 
"Why are you here?"
I swirled around to look at my friends, "Did you guys say anything?" 
"No, but I did hear something." Swirl said thoughtfully. "Let's try to ask  it a question?" Violet suggested. "Or answer it." Cat replied. I took a deep breath,
"Somebody named Cheetahperson123, trapped us here."
"Strange, I don't recall anybody else here except you."
"We weren't trapped here at the portals!" 
"Oh and another person with a cheetah shirt."
"This is like talking to Abaddon." I groaned. 
Everyone looked at me with a questioningly look. 
"From Oracles of Fire and Children of The Bard." I explained,

"Oh that's my cousin"
 HOW!? He is in a BOOK!" I exclaimed. 
"Do you want to leave?"
"YES!" We all yelled. "Please tell us how!" Gracie exclaimed.
The voice sighed, "Fine, I'll tell you, light shines down, illuminating a path to the exit, but some are blind to it, blind do their own ignorance."
"That's not telling us! That is just riddles!" I exclaimed
"Somebody is becoming inpatient, I didn't even finish."
"But you paused." Flora pointed out. 
I'm rolling my eyes right now.

"We can't see you." I said, about to lose my temper. 
"Do you want to see me."
"Yes." Naffy replied.
"Okay, there we go, look upon me."
We stared,
"I don't see anything." I said, 
"That is because you are blind."
"Let's go." I said, I tried to lift my leg, but it wouldn't budge! I looked down and noticed clay was attached to my boots, and my friends! "Oh, perfect, just like it is in the book!" I exclaimed.
"Don't worry, I got a pocket knife." Ja said, as she reached into her pocket and pulled it out,
She cut the clay off of her legs, then mine, then everyone else's.
Feel free to explore. 
We noticed there was a staircase. 
"Let's go."  Fox said. 

Another end to another chapter! Remember, if you weren't in this, it doesn't mean you aren't my friend, there is literally only like 1 line per person on this chapter (Except for me and Ja because Ja is my sis so XD)  

Well, that's all for now Jammers! And remember! Stay safe, Jam On, Play Wild, and remember God made you! Byeee!  

 Nahum 1:7 The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him,



  2. I said something XD Woohoo! Goal achieved! "Get featured in a story" :marks over it: Check! :P

    1. XD *slaps on golden sticker*
      MY MIND JUST GETS SO EMPTY SOME TIMES (Like all the time.. XD)


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