Sunday, April 30, 2017

AJ Picture Dump - Funniness, Randomness, Strangeness!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here with a late Sunday post.

I'm very sorry this post is so late, today was so busy, it was crazy, and I barely had any AJ time, because we were out all day.

However, that is another story for another time, so let's jump right into today's post! 

Today's post will be pictures I have on my laptop desktop *that I really need to put in a folder..* of more strange things Jammers have said around Jamaa, some strange/random/funny things me and my friends have done as well, also some weird things I've seen in Jamaa. Here they are!


I have no words.

This is funny to me because it makes me think of a little kid TV show XD..

A human I hope?

The sheep in a black egg cloak looks like a robber :O? HIDE YOUR GEMS!

A glitch someone did o.o

Heh, short story behind this.
AJHQ was visiting dens that people JAGGED them about, and one person was super persistent, wanting AJHQ to visit their den so bad. AJHQ told them how they were just visiting dens people JAGGED them about, but they kept on goin' o3o. So I told them what AJHQ said earlier, that they were just visiting dens people JAGGED them about. They thanked me XD
You guys: *Crickets*
Me: I take a lot of screenshots.. Heh

Hehe, now looking at this, it reminds me of a song by TobyMac's son, who goes by 'Tru'. In the middle of the song 'Alone', he says, "I GOT ISSUES I DON'T GOT A THING TO HIDE"
Ah the things I see in Jamaa, that reminds me of the real world.

I just like this username.. 'The forgotten laundry' *whispers* Of doom :o

I got a buddy request from a koala cookie XD!

Aparri's foot prints? What?

Another funny username. Hehe.

Whatever gets people to trade you I guess?

I honestly thought this was really sweet. Someone put it on Cami's Jammer Wall. People are saying that Cami's friend passed away, but I'm not really sure what happened, and how they know this information. Fill me in guys?

The strange chicken beak glitch strikes again!

The chicken beaks look super creepy on otters..

When I logged onto Animal Jam, Jamaa Township was pretty much empty o.o.

Me and Arctic talkin' to a random Jammer at the Horse's Only Party 😜.

A Jammer is confused with us Blogger's goodbye emojis, hehe!

Is this person lying and declining they lied? 
Or rather, they declined a trade, and they think trades are lies?
Or they decline it when people lie?

A funny username, called 'I'm not lame at all'.. I'm glad? I guess?

How do they remember all the e's to type? *counts* 13 E'S?! *recounts* Yup. 13. O.O

Me and Sarah watching TV XD.

O-o-o-okay.. Not AJ related, but I've had it on my desktop forever, I'm not even sure where I found it but, it was funny.. Hehe.

A picture of my weird octopus :).



Well, I hope you got a good laugh out of these!

Comment call: What's one weird thing you've seen in Jamaa?

Heres todays Bible verse!

2 Thessalonians 3:5

May the Lord lead your hearts into a full understanding and expression of the love of God and the patient endurance that comes from Christ.

Remember, God made YOU!

P.S. Sorry for not announcing the story contest winners today! I was too busy to read the rest of the entries, but I promise I'll have the winner chosen by Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest.


  1. About the story contest.. Yester-Yesterday I tried to enter in my story and it was to long, What should I do? Or is it to late? :P Wait I could send it in pieces If It's not to late! :3

    1. Hi, Talloose!

      I'd accept a late entry :D! Yeah, normally stories are a bit to long for the comments, but what some Jammers did last year, was put it on their blog, and tell me when it's up, then after I see it they take it down, or you could comment your story here, by putting one chapter at a time, or putting half chapters in each comment. Hope this helps :)

      Remember, God made YOU!

    2. Yay thank you! :) I'll post it one chapter at a time!

  2. Hey Gracie, can I also do a post of weird screenshots? I have too many O.O
    If not, I'm fine with that!
    -Snowlondon A.K.A. Snoe cookie

  3. Hi Gracie, great post!

    I've posted the picture on my own blog a couple times before, but there was the time that someone said "TRADE ME OR I WILL MOO ANNOYINGLY"

    They are forever my hero.

    - Arctic

  4. Lol. the weird things that people say, the weird users they use. XD
    OOOOOKKKAAAY that baby picture, is CREEPING me out! :is scared:
    *King Tough Bunny


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