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A Buddies Dream Come True, Masterpiece update

Today for ABDCT is Custard, Gfox Violet, Housemom's and Sy.! :D Enjoy guys!
So today we're going going to finish this series. D:D
These chapters will be a little longer because I have to to 3 people in each chapter. XD

And here is an update on my Masterpiece. :D
That deck took FOREVER to do. lol
The little sphere thingy's did not want to be in the right shape lol.
And ARGH MY COLORS RESET! Do you know how HARD that green is to get?!
You Guys: No?

Custard, Gfox, Violet.
By the way, we did not really blow a tire or anything. But I don't wanna do the same thing for meeting everyone. XD

"Let's see, now we only need to meet Custard, Gfox, Violet, the housemom sisters, and Sy." Sarah pointed out.
"I hope we meet them!" Ja said.
"WOAH!" Pob shouted, as the van jumped.
A car behind us honked.
"What in the world was that!?" Nas asked mom.
Boo Boo who was sleeping started crying.
"We don't know" Mom said trying to calm Boo down.
Dad pulled over.
He pulled out his phone and tried to look for a near repair shop.
He finally found one and called it.
Eventually a tow truck came at got us. We all got out of the van and just walked around.  Boo had fallen asleep in Mom's arms after a bottle.
"Da wilddle Boo wooks so coot wike dat" I said kissing his cheek.
"Ok you guys can have 5 minute turns on my phone while we wait." Mom offered. "We'll start with Pob down to Bunnygirl."
After me and Pob had done our turn it was Sarah's turn. Instead of playing Run, Word Crack, bejeweled, or something like that, she decided to check Animal Jam blogs.
Pob and another brother complained about this saying she could just check them when she got home, apparently not realizing that it would be the same time either way..... Which they really did do....
As Sarah was was checking the Animal Jam Whip another car came into the garage with a steaming hood.
A girl jumped out and said. "Dad how long is it going to be?"
"Should be to long just look around a bit." her Dad answered.
Sarah went back to reading, but I stared at the girl a bit.
The girl had a strange shirt with a ...
"Box monster?" Ja said out loud.
The girl heard Ja and walked over to her.
"Do you know about the box monster?"
"Yeah!" Ja answered "A friend of mine who owns a blog made it up!"
"Yeah! That's my blog! I'm Violet!"
"I'm Ja!"
"BOX MONSTER EATS YOU!" Violet said.
"NOOOOOO" I yelled.
Violet laughed.
As I played and talked with Violet. A girl walked behind Sarah peeking at the phone, and saw the words, Animal Jam Friendship Community.
"I read that blog" The girl said.
Sarah looked behind her, "really?"
"Yeah, what is your Animal Jam user?"
"I'm Custard!"
"I've been waiting forever to meet you!" Sarah said.
"If your Sarah then where is Ja?" Custard wondered.
"Over there talking to someone I don't know" Sarah pointed out.
Ja walked over to Sarah with Violet behind her.
"Sarah Ja this is Violet Custard!" They said at the same time
The 4 girl laughed.
Another Girl who was behind them walked up to them.
"Sarah, Ja, Violet, Custard?!"
"What's your Animal Jam" The girl asked, and then laughed again.
The girl smiled and said "Gfox!"
"WOO!" Ja said. Now we only need to meet The Housemom sisters and Sy!"
"WOAH" Gfox said. "Do you mean that you've met everyone else!"
"Yup!" Sarah said.
"That's crazy!" Custard said.
"Yup" I said.
"Your so lucky!"
"Yup" me and Sarah said together.
"We're lucky to have met you guys!"
"Yup" we all said together.
Then we laughed some more.

Hehe, that was fun to write.
Now onto the Housemom Sister's and Sy! :D

It was a few hours before the car was fixed, Sarah and Ja said bye to Violet, Custard and Gfox.
"Hope we can meet again!" Gfox said.
"I don't think that will happen till we visit our brother again, or you come visit our state!" I said.
"Oh well," said Custard, "We can still hope" she said with a smile.
"Bye!" We yelled piling into the car, we waved from the window.
After a few hours of driving it was getting dark.
Mom said we were going to be at the hotel in a few minuets.
"All right, We're stopping at a hotel. and getting home late at night tomorrow around 10:00, so we have a SMALL chance of meeting Sy and the House sister's." Sarah reminded Ja.
We pulled into the hotel parking lot.
The bigger boys started to pull out a few things from the back, Pob grabbed mom's dipper bag and purse.
I tried to grab Boo Boo's Packn play which was folded up.
It wasn't all that heavy but since I was tired it was.
It almost fell down, when a girl behind me said, "here let me help you."
She startled Ja. "Oh uh sure, but do you need to get to your family or something?"
"Kinda, I forgot my bag in the car, but I got it now" she said holding up a blue hand bag. "but it's not heavy, it only has my phone, a book, and a few other little things."
"Thank anyway."
"No problem." She replied. "After I just need to get my reward on AJ Play Wild, I don't know how I forgot to get it today."
"Oh I know what that is, just never played it, I only play the computer version of Animal Jam."
"Cool, what's your user?"
"Ja983, man I've said that like 10 times on this trip" Ja laughed.
"I'm Sy! Epic to meet you!"
"Sweeeet" Ja said.
Ja and Sy talked for a few minutes while they waited for the elevator. "Ok I think I'm good here" Ja smiled.
"Ok, I need to get back to my room anyway."
Ja and Sy were walking the same way.
"Are you following me?" Sy teased.
"Yeah" Ja joked.
 "Ok no this is our room right" Dad said.
I walked in and set the packn play down.
"Oooh this one looks comfy!" Sarah said as she pulled out the fold out couch.
Ja laughed, "I hope the breakfast is just as good."
And it was, the next day they went downstairs and there was lots of good food.
Ja looked for Sy, but didn't see her.
There were only 3 people, two girls and their Dad sitting in the table next to them.
Mom fed Boo Boo yogurt.
Boo Boo wasn't in the best mood so he hit the spoon and made it fall on the floor.
"Noooo Mr. Boo don't do dat!" Ja said.
 one of the girl's from the other table bent over and picked up the spoon and handed it to mom.
"Thank you, but now that it's on the floor he needs a new one."
"Oh ok" the girl said with a little smile.
"I wonder what everyone is doing on Animal Jam while we're on vacation." one of the girl's said.
"I don't know, but to bad we missed some of the parties." the other said sadly.
"It's ok" the first said. "I need to ask Ja something though."
"You can ask her in person!" Ja said standing up.
"WOAH" the first said falling out of her chair.
"oops sorry." Ja said.
"This is so cool" The girl said at once.
"Who is this?" Their dad asked. "A friend of ours from Animal Jam!" they explained.
"This is so amazing this is a first for us" the older one said.
"Not for me!" Ja said.
"I have seriously met everyone else from Animal Jam" Ja laughed.
"So do you live in this state? Or just visiting?" The younger one asked.
"Coming back from visiting my oldest brother who just got married"
"Cool!" they said again.
The girls talked while all the little kids ate.
Then they had to go.
"Well this has been awesome" The house mom sister's said. "Hope we can maybe meet again!"
"Same here!" Ja said, "bye!"

And that is the end, but not really, the end of everyone meeting, but next week I will do one of me and Sarah at home.
Hope you enjoyed these chapters and enjoy the next one!
And guys, I am so sorry, I can't do Fix My Eyes AGAIN.
So so so sorry, I will be sure to do it next week, maybe I'll do the story and finish the song!

*King Tough Bunny 


  1. Awesome story! Can't wait to see what happens next :D

  2. Aw, its almost done! Awesome story!


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