Friday, June 16, 2017

Touching the Horizon Chapter 3!

Greetings Jammers- it's Arctic!

I've been studying for six days in a row now for my final exams and I think I'm slowly losing my mind, haha!

My last final is today (bless), so I should be more active now that summer is coming! So close yet so far... Because of this, this week's chapter of "Touching the Horizon" will not be as action packed, and will be a bit shorter. Just you wait though, soon it'll get more interesting!

So, without further ado:

Touching the Horizon

A story by Arcticstar8404

Chapter 3: Did You See That?

This strange set of circumstances was equal parts terrifying and exciting. It made me feel a bit better to have my friends around, at least.

"Weirrrrdddd" we all said in unison.

"So what now?" Ja asked, breaking the awkward silence.

"We're gonna figure this out the right way- with our friends." Gracie answered as she made her way over to her portal.

Hearts in our throats, we all held each other's paws as we stepped into the violet light.


The light was within us, and without us, just like before. A warm rush filled me once again, and I was in a state of bliss. I wish I could stay like this forever... I thought to myself. I looked over to see my friends all wearing expressions of similar states of relaxation. All except for Gracie.

I fought the urge to fall asleep, and called out to her:

"What's wrong, Gracie?"

"It feels like something is watching us. I thought I saw it a couple times earlier. I have a bad feeling about this." She answered hesitantly. 

Come to think of it, we had been in the portal for what seemed like a lot longer than my first time. Was this mysterious presence the cause of it?

A smooth, cold darkness entered the corner of my eye, but only for a split second before everything went back to normal. The others sensed the danger too, because all three of them had the same look of concern on their faces.
"Are we going to get attacked?" Ja asked nervously

Everyone was silent for a second before Sarah yelled "NOT ON MY WATCH!". Staring directly at a strange dark patch that was forming in the void, she kicked one of her ice armor boots right into the center of it. 
With a loud crash, and a bright explosion, we all shot headfirst out of a growing crack in the void, unsure of where we were headed to next.
MUHA, CLIFFHANGER. I'M GONNA MAKE YOU GUYS WAIT TIL' NEXT WEEK TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS! For now, though, feel free to tell me what YOU believe is going to happen! I'd like to see what you guys think!

Now, for the verse of the day:

Do to others as you would have them to you.

This verse is short and sweet, and can be found in Luke 6:31! A simple but excellent message on how to make your life better. 

See you next week!
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  1. :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Omg now I'm missing a boot

    1. Hahha, at least your boot is what saved us! Who knows what could've happened otherwise O.o

      Mweheheheheh you must suffer another week!

      - Arctic


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