Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What Happened To Artymis?! TBPS Chapter 3!

Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Bananas! :D How's your day? How's your family? How are you?
EDIT: Artymis hasn't  been aj/posting much because she's working on animations for school.  So don't bother reading the Artymis part of this post, Okay pls XD Ty Cat for the infooooooooooooooo
So, today I was originally going to talk about my theory on where/what Phantoms are, but today something came to my attention when I randomly looked Artymis up to see if I could buddy her.
She hasn't been on in 30. Days.  

There has been no activity on her youtube channel, (Not that she was active very much, she didn't disappear when there was no activity on her youtube channel)

Her den has a Chinese New Year theme.
I just really don't know where she has gone, and I don't believe anyone else has seen her..  
And I know its not a glitch (That happened a couple years ago, maybe 2 years?) When it just automatically says "More than 30 days" because my friend Swirlshine is on vacation rn, and has only been gone for 2 days and:
What has happened to Artymis?  If anybody knows, please tell me in the comments below, because I am worried. Maybe her computer broke down? As I said, I have no idea what happened to her, and I am very worried. (I'm a mother hen, ik ik ik) 
And nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww
The Blogger Portal Sequel Chapter 33333333333333!

You guys: What number is that, you put no commas? 
Me: 3 
You guys: THERE ARE LIKE 10 3'S
You guys: *facepalms*
Chapter 3 
There was no sign of Cheetah for a couple weeks, it drifted out of our minds, until..
I closed my book, and looked at my watch. 2:30. Suddenly Ja jumped out of the closet from the Blogger Portal, she was breathing hard like she just ran eight miles. 
"What happened?" I asked. "Cheetah, she chased me, luckily I doubled back and jumped into our portal." Ja answered. "And we thought she was done!" I exclaimed.  
"Yeah.. What can we do about it?"
"Oof!" Suddenly, Tiger fell out of the Blogger Portal! "Cheetah.... chased me... this was the closest portal.." Tiger exclaimed breathlessly.. "Same with me!" Ja exclaimed. Suddenly, Lost, Swirl, Gracie, Kara, Talloose, Snow, Kraft, Binx, and the rest of the Bloggers fell out of the portal!
"This is....." Tiger started. "Really weird.." I finished.
"Cheetah chased us, she is guarding all the portals!" Violet exclaimed. "How are we suppose to hide you guys?!" Ja exclaimed. "If we had a bigger room, but this one isn't very big!"
"I will..... go ask my mom......" Ja said, and ran out of the room. "This is going to be weird." Lost said. "Yeah.... also it's really weird that you guys all jumped into the same portal." I replied.
"And at the same time;" Gracie said, with a slight giggle. "Well, whatever happens, we can fix it, I just hope Ja doesn't tell my mom about Cheetah, just that we cant access the Blogger Portal!"
"I'm sure she wont; but wait, couldn't we just go into Blogger Portal Land and into our portals? There are a lot of us!" Purple pointed out.
  "Can't risk it, Cheetah is unpredictable, let's just wait a day, or at night we can." I said,"My parents are going to be really worried." Swirl said, shaking her head sadly, everybody else (except me and Ja) nodded their heads.
"But no matter what, we can't lose hope, God is in control, and no matter what problem we get ourselves into, he will help us." Coolcat said standing up. "Us Bloggers should have a motto!" Custard giggled. "BOLD BANANAS SOLVE PROBLEMS!" Tall laughed.
Ja ran into the room.

Comment Call What do you think will happen next?
Well, that's all for now Jammers! And remember! Stay safe, Jam On, Play Wild, and remember God made you! Byeee! 

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  1. Artymis has said in her videos that she won't be very active on YouTube or on AJ because she has been working on animations for her school animating club :) Animations take a LOT of time XD

    1. (Oops, pushed send beforeI meant too that didn't make sense.. o well, also why am I replying to this late)
      I don't really watch Artymis's videos.. ahahhaa XDD

  2. Weiiiiirddd, I'm not used to seeing a famous jammer not being on for so long. XD But I get why she's gone.

    Oooooooh, things are getting INTENSE! XD


    Awww, thank you SOOOOOOO much for posting about my contests! It means a TON to me! <3 Thank youuuuuuuu! *hugs Sarah* XD

    1. Yeah XD



      Np :D *suddenly gets puppy eyes* Can I be blogger secretary? XDDDDD Jk jk

  3. I wanna animateeeeee but I don't know any good programs. I needa researchXD


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