Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Life Of A 'Mom Friend', And More Blogger Art!

Greetings, Jammers!

Karalee here, with another Tuesday post full of art!

But first --

There is a saying. Not a well-known saying, but still, a saying.

"Every group of friends has a 'Mom Friend'. If you don't know who the Mom Friend is, it's you."

The best I understand it, a Mom Friend is the person in the group who acts like a mother hen. They do their best to keep the others out of trouble, maybe (who am I kidding, usually) giving unsolicited advice.

The duties of a Mom Friend are as follows.

1. Know your friends very well. This is highly necessary.

2. Assuming duty #1 has been performed, notice which ones have the highest risk of daredevilish behavior. (Example: attempting amateur parkour with no prior training.)

3. Keep a verrrrrry close eye on such individuals.

4. Be prepared to drag said individuals away from danger by their sweater collars if necessary.

This usually applies to groups of friends who see each other in real life. (And please note that amateur parkour is a BAD IDEA!!)

I get the feeling that I'd be the Mom Friend in our Jamaasian High and Blogger Portal stories, given how many adventurous people we've got. 😂 "DON'T GO CHASING AFTER THAT DRAGON, IT LOOKS HUNGRY!" "SARAH, PUT DOWN THAT GLOWING SWORD, YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE IT'S BEEN!"

With that in mind, I've drawn some art on the subject. Ja983 is about to take on a large creature (I'm guessing an Orc), and I am advising her very strongly against it. 😝

I've also drawn some more blogger art! Here's a sketch of Fr0zenL0ver, Talloose, Arctic, and Scooter! (The one laughing at the scary movie presumed to be in the foreground is Fr0zen, of course. 😉)

(I accidentally drew Arctic in the wrong outfit at first.)

(Outfit fixed, some progress on faces.)

Finished black-and-white version!

Please tell me in the comments whether I should attempt to color this, or proceed to the next drawing of bloggers!

Until next Tuesday,



  1. Ahh! This is so awesome!

    Haha, I wouldn't say I'm the mom friend, but I do sometimes activate "responsible safety mode" XD

    The art is amazing- I love it! I'd definitely like to see it coloured!

    Great work!

    - Arctic

  2. Nice! It'd be cool if you coloured it:) Then you could start the next blogger art!

  3. I'm probably also a Mom Friend XD Also, the art in this post is AMAZING!!!! You are such a talented artist, Kara ^.^

  4. OK! I laugh whenever I see that picture of you and Ja now XDDDDDDDD
    I'm the mom friend whenever me, pob, and Ja go exploring into the woods lol

    That are is amazing!! I would LOVE to see it colored! I just love Frozen's smile XD!

  5. Hmmm, I might act like a Mom Friend sometimes... But I'm more of the, um, hyper dog? XDD Hyper youngest child? (If we're acting like us Bloggers are a family)

    Ooooooh! Amazing drawings!!! :O *is suddenly hoping to see moreeeeeeeee*

  6. YAY i'm in a drawing! XD There both so funny! XD

  7. HOW







    But very true, you're the mother hen 😛 #Karamom


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