Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Buddies Dream Come True, 2 New Chapters! + WIP Art

Ahlo Jammer's how'sa you doings this beautiful days?
Dis is my Post for dis Saturday, I hopes you Enjoys des chapters of ABDCT. XD
Ok guys, I'll only have time for one story, my mom and dad are leaving for a Grad party, and I gotta watch Boo Boo.
So I'm only going to Flora and Purple today.
Sorry Custard and Gfox. :C
But don't worry your next for next week!

I wanna show you my masterpiece I'm working on
In this masterpiece, I am adding some things of my own house, into the masterpiece. For Example 
In the window, I'm going to have part of a deck showing, and some pine trees. Similar to a certain part in my house. 
To the left of husky, There will be a TV with some cabinets with some DVD's, and glass plates, and two candles. 
This art will take a very long time to do. But it'll be worth it!!
Oh! And also, I think this will be super cool, You'll notice I haven't done the hands for the clock yet, I'm going to do that at the very end, So then the time on the clock, is the time It was really finished! :O
Now, onto A Buddies Dream Come True.

Ok guys, this time I'm going to do something new, I can't keep doing the same thing. So I'm going to have it where Flora and Purple have know each other, IRL for a few months. Hope you guys don't mind! :)

Ja and Sarah were in the car, talking about how awesomely lucky they were to meet all their buddies. And which ones they had met.
"Let's seeee" said Ja, "Tiger, Snow London, Binx, Swirl, Lost, Koolest. Kara, and Cat."
"Unbelievable!" Said Sarah.
"I know right?"
"But, I wonder if we're going to meet everyone else in time. Tomorrow we get home, and it's almost noon now, and we haven't met, Custard, Gfox, Flora, and Purple, Vi, Housemom's, Sy!" Ja said sadly.
"And don't forget Wearethebloggers!" Added Sarah.
"Uhhhh Sarah? Wearethebloggers, is GRACIE!" Ja pointed out.
"Opps. heehe forgot."
Ja shook her head with a silly smile.
"Kay" I heard my Dad say from the front we need gas. let's stop here."
Everyone got out of the van.
"Let's go to the bathroom girls" My mom said.
"Ok" Ja and Sarah said.
"But I don't need to" said Ja.
"That's ok, but still come with us you can hold Mr. Boo for me" Mom laughed.
"Ok" Ja agreed.
While Ja waited outside the bathroom, two girls came up, one of them went into the bathroom.
The girl looks at Ja, and gave a shy smile.
Ja was kinda shy also, but she gave a little smile.
Sarah came out of the bathroom.
"Maybe we'll meet someone from AJ here" Sarah said.
Ja noticed that the girl looked up when Sarah said AJ.
"Do you guys play Animal Jam?" She asked?
"Yeah" said Sarah.
"Are you a buddies of ours?" Ja asked.
"There is like 1 out of 10 billion chance of that" the girl laughed. "But what are your users?"
"Sarahkey8 and Ja983."
The girl's mouth fell open. "no way! It's me Purple!"
"Cooooool!" Sarah said.
"And Flora is here too!"
"She is?" Ja asked. "you two aren't siblings!"
"No, but we met a few months ago,we freaked out!"
Sarah and Ja laughed.
The other girl they had saw before came out of the bathroom.
"Flora this is Ja and Sarah!"
"ARE YOU KIDDING!?" Flora shouted.
"Shhhh" another person said.
"Sorry" Flora said.
The girl's talked about the most recent update.
"I made an adorable look with the Coyote" Ja said "at least I think"
"I saw it" said Flora, "it is cute!"
"Have you seen what creepy looks you can make with the pet sharks?" Sarah said with a shudder
"I haven't even looked at them at all" laughed Ja.
"But you can also make them look so cute!" said Purple.
"I know right?" Flora agreed.
The girl's talked for about 5 more minutes
"Oh darn" said Sarah "our siblings are coming out of the restroom."
"Oh well, It was epic seeing you guys!"
"Same here!" Sarah and Ja said together, "Bye!"

Let me just say again that meeting ANY of you guys, would be better then getting to spend a day with a husky.
OK, Again I can't do Fix My Eyes, Cuz I'm on a computer that AJ doesn't work on, and when it does, it's SUPER slow. sorry!

*King Tough Bunny 

1st Timothy 4:12 
Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 

(This swiffer song is really weird but catchy o,o)  


  1. Wow, that's a really neat masterpiece you've been working on! The rug looks so real... o.o

  2. Yay, thanks for including me in ABDCT. :D You did a good job writing it.
    That masterpiece looks so good!

    1. Np ty purple!
      Thanks! :D
      *King Tough Bunny

  3. I love the masterpiece lots!!


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