Friday, June 26, 2015

New Jammer Challange!

Hey Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! I am going to have another challenge! The challenge is all about new jammer's! Okay here is what the challenge is about. I see and hear about so many people being mean to new jammer's! And this challenge is about helping them so they can have a great experience on Animal Jam! Here are way's you can help. One: You can go up too a new jammer and say hello welcome to Animal Jam to make them feel welcome! Two: You could buddy them if you have an open space and show them around! Three: A lot of time's I see new jammer's or non-member's asking member's to buy them a certain item in a different color, And a lot of time's they get ignored. So you can help by buying them the certain colored item for them! Four: Another way of helping them is if you have it, You could give them a rare you have extra of!  The new jammer's you see are the next generation of jammer's, Let's make them feel welcome! And also comment down below if I missed any way's of helping new jammer's! Jam On!


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