Monday, June 22, 2015

A new profile picture!

Hey jammers! graciepopstar91 here!! I am thinking about changing my profile picture! But i want your suggestion on what to change it to! Here is the 1st picture

2nd picture 

3rd picture 

4th picture

Comment below of what number you like the best!!! 

This has been a post by graciepopstar91 

God made animals :D play wild and jam on!

By the way, YAY this is our 20th post!

UPDATE: the votes are in and... THE MEXICAN AXOLOTL (3rd photo) WINS!!!! YIPPIE! 


  1. (myth) i like the 3rd pic

  2. (myth) like the 3rd profile pic

  3. Okay :D You guy's vote will count LOL we just need a few more people to vote and the profile picture will be revealed!

  4. sorry commented twice it got glitched XD

  5. I like the fourth one! It's so cute!

    1. Lol my sister thinks the fourth one is creepy LOL ! But i like it :)


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