Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Animal jam cupcake ideas!

Hey jammers!!! I got a idea! Im going to make some animal themed cupcakes soon! But i want some ideas of what animal i should do!

                                                                      Option 1 (seal)

Option 2 (lion)

Option 3 (fox)

Comment which one you want decorated on a cupcake!!! Once the decision is made i will make it and share the recipe! P.S. Im only going to do the head haha. Remember choose wisely!! 

This has been a post by graciepopstar91 

Play wild and jam on!! 
Remember God made wildlife!


  1. lion no fox no lion I CANT CHOOSE DX XD

  2. Haha! Its a some what tie so far..

  3. Dear all viewers,
    I will be eliminating pictures one by one! I like the seal so today i will be eliminating the tiger.

  4. Fox or seal, I can't choose!


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