Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Update and Llama's!

Hey Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! Sorry I haven't posted for a few day's. Well anyways there is some new news! The first thing is Llama's are here! They are my favorite Diamond Shop animal. There dance is so sweg!  The next page is about a new pet contest! That is when you get to pick out of three pet's and the one with the most vote's win's! I voted for the Peacock. (P.S Have you ever noticed that with the den item contest they bring out all of the den item set's anyways? Maybe they will bring out all the pet's!)  The third page is about the Freedom Party! I'm very excited to go to this party, I don't really remember it from last year, Lol. And on the other half of the Third page it say's there are new freedom plushie's at the Summer Carnival! The fourth page is about the Llama mini book! Make sure you go read it in the Chamber Of Knowledge! And on the other half of that page is about Wild Peak's. You can learn all about the plant's and animal's that live in the mountain's The fifth page is about the new Rainbow Armor.  And on the other half of the page is about the newest adventure, Battle For The Beacon. There are new item's you can buy! And on the Sixth and last page its about the Spring Bunny! You only have TWO WEEK'S to get one! UPDATE: I also forgot the Mira Waterfall won the den item voting contest!


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