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Hi, Sarah! I forgot to include this in the post below. Could you please give me a description of what the characters look like? I need to know so I can make graphics for your story. Also, as a bonus prize, you get to write one special guest post on AJFC! Please comment your email below, and I'll be sure to add you for a special post, then after you write it, well, we'll see what goes from there 😊. In your special post, you can talk about something AJ related, how you got inspiration for your story, etc. Its up to you!

Jam on!

And The Winner Is....

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here!

The time has come.. It's time to announce the winner for my story contest! Here it goes.. *Suspense builds*

Sarahkey8! I absolutely loved your story! The part when Snowy fell, made me feel like I was going to cry. And if a writer can make you almost cry, your a pretty good writer!

People are calling it an amazing story. Some say it's "Fantastic!" -Graciepopstar91 "Outstanding!" -Graciepopstar91 "Faints." -Graciepopstar91

Hehe. How about I stop talking about amazing it is, and you can actually see how amazing it is. Here it is!


The Adventure

By Sarahkey8

Chapter 1 Velvet's New Bible

Dove raced to Alpha HQ. She quickly climbed the ladder that led up to it. “Dove! About time!” Ember exclaimed “Get your otter self over here! There have been signs of Phantoms around Jamaa!” Velvet said “I know, I know.” Dove said, sighing, “What were you doing?” Velvet asked “I was at Bible Study.” Dove answered “Bible study?! While Jamaa is in danger? Are you crazy!” Ember exclaimed Velvet looked at Dove. “It doesn't matter. What matters is your here. We need to discuss what to do.” Velvet said. “So, where have they been spotted? Dove asked “Around Deep Blue.” Ember answered “Deep Blue?” “How is that possible? Tavie has been patrolling that area.” Dove pointed out. “Well, Tavie went to visit her sick grandmother.” Velvet said grimly. “Greely? Peck? Cosmo? Graham? Sir Gilbert?” “Peck, and Greely have been missing.” Ember said. “We need to find out where they are! We need to-” Dove was interrupted by a strange and creepy laugh. The three otters spinned around, they were face to face with twenty Phantoms! Dove, being quick as lighting ducked as a tentacle reached forward to shock her. Velvet got shocked. “Noo!” Ember screamed as she threw a boomseed at the Phantom who shocked her. Suddenly Ember got shocked too!Dove threw Boomseed after Boomseed. Ducking and dodging the bolts that came toward her. Until there were no more. “How come Dove is always the leader?” Complained Ember getting off the floor. The game was interrupted once again by Ember complaining. “I don't know.” Dove said shrugging. Velvet grinned. “I don't know either.” she said Suddenly they heard Dove's mom call from the house. “Kids! Come inside! It's time for lunch!” “Ten minutes Mrs. Otter?” Ember called back. “No. Right now! You're food is going to spoil!” Ember rolled her eyes. Dove frowned at Ember. “The Lord commands us to honor our parents, and to obey them.” Dove reminded her. “You really believe that stuff?” Velvet asked sincerely. “Yes. And you should too.” Dove said “You know it's not true Velvet. The world was created by Mira and Zios.” Ember said crossing her arms. “No. they founded Jamaa, the Lord created Jamaa. And them, and us, and everything!” Dove said “Now C'mon our food is getting cold!” “Its just sandwiches.” Ember mumbled And with that, they scurried down the treehouse. They all took a seat around the table and enjoyed a meal of PB and J sandwiches. “Hey mom, can Ember and Velvet stay a week? Sense schools out for Summer break and all.” Dove wondered, “It's fine with me, but they will have to ask their-” Mom started “Parents. We already did!” Ember said with a grin. Mother Otter smiled “You must get your-” “Stuff. Already did! We brought it into Dove's room. We knew you would say yes.” Velvet said with a grin. Mother Otter looked at the three young otters. “Okay. I am going to take a nap. You stay out of trouble!” And with that, Mother Otter went to take a nap. “Lets go put our stuff in the treehouse!” Dove said, they ran up to her room, grabbed everything (including snacks and soda's) and headed towards the treehouse. Once they set up everything, Velvet asked a question. “Hey, um. Dove?” Velvet asked “Yes Velvet?” Dove asked “Do you maybe have a, well... Bible that I could borrow?” Velvet asked Dove smiled “I sure do! You can keep it too!” Dove exclaimed. She went through her backpack and pulled out a small golden colored Bible. She handed it to Velvet. Velvet opened it to the beginning and gasped, “D-Dove! This is from your parents! Including your Dad! Are you sure you want to give it to.... to me?” Velvet asked looked up at Dove with wide eyes. Dove gave her a sad smile. “You are my friend. I have another Bible at home, I want to give this to you. You need it more then me.” Dove explained “Wouldn't you just give me the other one?” Velvet asked “No. At least not now. “Ahem! Can you two talk about this later? This religious stuff is nonsense anyway!” Ember exclaimed “Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But I want to know.” Velvet said. Ember shook her head. “Okay. Where were we in our game?” Dove asked “You just got rid of all the Phantoms.” Ember said “Oh yeah. Okay.” Dove ran over to her two friends. She shook them and shook them but nothing worked. Dove looked up. “Dear God, please heal my friends. Help them to wake up.” Suddenly Sir Gilbert the tiger Alpha ran into Alpha HQ. “What happened here?” he asked “Phantoms attacked us! They shocked Ember and Velvet!” Dove exclaimed “They will be alright, the Phantom's lighting of sorts just makes them fall consensus for hours.” Sir Gilbert said. “How long?” Dove asked. “Eh, four hours by the looks of it.” said Sir Gilbert. So, Dove and Sir Gilbert waited four hours. (Or ten seconds in real life) Velvet and Ember got up. “What happened?” they asked. “Phantoms came and attacked, they shocked you” Sir Gilbert said “Can't believe they would go this far.” Ember mumbled “Let's discuss plans.” Sir Gilbert said. After about two hours of discussing plans, fighting Phantoms, and more, it was time for dinner. “You got the sandwiches?” Ember asked Dove. “Sure do!” Dove grabbed her backpack and pulled out three sandwiches. She gave one to Ember and Velvet and saved one for herself. “How much food do you have?” Ember asked “A lot, don't worry. We'll have enough.” Dove said. “Plus me and Velvet have some.” Ember said. They spread out their sleeping-bags.

Chapter 2 The Talk and Kidnapped!

Around ten they crawled into their sleeping bags. Dove noticed that Velvet had a flashlight, and her Bible with her. “I hope she reads it.” Dove said silently. Dove pulled out her mini New Testament Bible. She read 1st John chapter 5. After she finished she prayed and went to sleep. Strangely enough, around one o'clock she woke up! She looked over to Velvet's sleeping bag, and saw a dim light from inside the sleeping bag. Then she heard the flipping of pages. Dove climbed down the ladder silently and looked up at the stars. “Lord. Please show Velvet the light, help her to know you. And I pray that Ember would too, help her to open their hearts to you. Open both their hearts. In your name. Amen.” Dove prayed. She sat down on the wet, dewy grass, and looked at the stars, thinking. Praying.....

“Dove?” Dove jumped up startled. She whirled around. “Velvet?!” she exclaimed. “Shh! Are you trying to wake up Ember?” Dove jumped down the ladder. “What are you doing up so late?” Velvet asked “I should ask you the same question, I saw the flashlight, I heard the flipping of pages. You were reading the Bible, weren't you?” Dove asked. “Well, yeah. It's so interesting!” Velvet exclaimed Dove smiled. “Do you want to pray?” Dove asked “N-not right now, I'm not ready. Maybe later...” Velvet said “But Velvet! What if there is no later? You don't know what will happen!” Dove said “I'm not good enough!” Velvet whispered
“That is true. None of us our!” Dove exclaimed, this time not caring if she was raising her voice,
“Then how can Jesus come into my heart?” Velvet demanded 
“He died on the cross, ask him to forgive your sins! He will! When he died on the cross, he does for our sins. It may be now or never!”
Velvet burst into tears. “How do you know? Did he tell you that?” she asked 
“No, he didn't. But it could be true! You have no idea if this very night your life could end!” Dove said through tears.
“Dove.. I'm sorry. Not right now.. Not right now..” Velvet whispered. 
Dove sighed sadly. “Okay.. But do you know when Snowy is going to be here?” she asked. 
“Snowy said tomorrow. She's a Christian right?” Velvet asked. “Yes.” Dove answered. “Are you sure you don't want to do it?” Dove asked quietly. “Yes. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe..” Velvet said They sat side by side looking at the sky. Watching the sunrise. 

Dove opened her eyes, she noticed Velvet was sleeping. “Velvet wake up.” Dove said “Huh wha?” Velvet asked sleepily “Wake up! It's morning!” said Dove Velvet jumped up. “Hey guys! What are you doing out there?” laughed Ember as she climbed down the treehouse. “Nothing just looked at the forest.” “Um guys, I'm sorry but.. My mom called and said we are going on vacation.” “Cool! But we will miss you a lot.” Velvet said. “Yeah, I'm sorry guys! Well seeya guys later!” Ember grabbed her backpack, packed all her stuff, and headed back. Dove looked at Velvet. “So what do you want to do?” Dove asked Velvet. “Explore more of the woods?” Velvet asked taking out a map. “Sure!” Suddenly they both heard an eagle above them. “Who is that?” Dove asked, “I don't know.” “Hi guys!” said a voice, they both turned and saw a white otter. “Hello Snowy!” Velvet greeted them. Suddenly they heard the eagle again! They looked up and saw an eagle swoop towards them! “Run!” Snowy exclaimed they all started running as fast as they could, Suddenly Dove heard Velvet scream. She turned around and saw the eagle swoop down and grab Velvet. It quickly lifted her into the air. “VELVET!” Snowy screamed “NOOOOO! VELVET!” screamed Dove. “DOOOVVVEEEE!” Dove noticed a strange symbol on the eagle's wing. Dove and Snowy tried to catch up with the eagle but it was quickly out of sight. They both had tears in their eyes. “What are we going to do?” Snowy wailed “P-pray.” Dove said. Snowy nodded. They both bowed their heads. “Dear Lord.. H-help us find Velvet, help her to know you, please... please help us find her..” Snowy prayed. “Lord, you know where Velvet is, bring her back to us. Open her heart Lord.. Please...” “Should we go tell Mom?” Dove asked. Snowy sighed. Snowy stood up. “We can find her, I brought my bow. Do you have your twin Samurai swords your.. um, your Dad gave you before he left?” Snowy asked. Dove nodded, she took the twin Samurai swords out of her backpack and put them on her back. Dove noticed Snowy was already wearing her bow. “Cmon, it went this way. We will find her. The Lord will help us.” Snowy said “Your right.” replied Dove. So they set out to find their lost friend. “Did you see that symbol on the eagle's wing?” Snowy asked “Yes.. I wonder what it means, it was almost like a Phantom's lighting..” Dove said thoughtfully. They walked for miles and miles, even until it was dark! “Lets.. take.. a break.” Snowy said breathlessly Dove nodded and sat on a stump while Snowy leaned on against a tree. She sighed. “Why did that eagle take Velvet Dove wondered. “I don't know..” Snowy said. “I wish it would've been me..” Dove said sadly. “You can't change what's done.” Snowy said giving Dove a sad smile. “But, why? If I may ask.” “She isn't a Christian, she has been reading her Bible, but she said she's not ready.” Dove explained “Oh, well, I hope she opens her heart to the Lord.” Snowy said looking up. 

Chapter 3 All Alone

“Lets get going now.” Dove said as she got up. “I think that eagle headed towards that mountain.” Snowy said pointing. “O.K. Lets go.” They both got up, put their backpacks on, then their weapons on top of the backpacks. After getting to the base of the mountain. They started up the mountain. After about an hour they came to a narrow cliff. “Be.. careful..” Snowy said as she slowly moved across the cliff. Dove followed. Suddenly the spot Snowy was on gave way! “Snowy!” Dove exclaimed and quickly grabbed her paws. Dove tried to pull her up but the weight was too much, Snowy's weight was pulling her! “Dove!.. let... go! I'll.. be.. fine!” Snowy said, her voice was strained, “No! Not... letting... you...go!” Dove grunted. “Let go! Or we'll both fall!” Snowy cried “No! Not letting you go!.. we.. will save... Velvet... together!” “The Lord will help you..” Dove was pulled more and more with Snowy's weight.

“Let go.”
“I can't!”
“You can! Please.. I want.. at least.. one of us to survive.. to tell.. our parents..”
“No!” Dove screamed 
“I will go to a better place.”
“Please no! I wont... let you leave!” Dove said her voice strained
“Goodbye Dove..” Snowy whispered and let go.

“Nooooo! SNOWYYY!” Dove cried Dove watched horrified as she saw her friend's body fall down the steep cliff and into the water below. Dove burst into tears. Suddenly the same eagle that had kidnapped Velvet swooped down from the top of the mountain, dove into the water and pulled out a limp Snowy. Then flew back up. “Lord why! Why!” she cried. “Help me.. Both of my friends are gone.. I need you.. please.. Help me to find them.. help them to be safe..” Dove wept, This wasn't a game like they played in their treehouse. It was real life. She wanted her friends back. She curled up into a ball and cried until she fell asleep, 

“Dove wake up.” Snowy's voice? “She's had a rough day. Leave her.” Velvet's voice! Dove slowly got up. “Velvet?! Snowy?!” Dove exclaimed “Yes.” Snowy said with a smile. “I-I did it Dove.” Velvet said. “Did what? Pray?!” Dove exclaimed “Yes!” Velvet answered. “That's wonderful! I can't believe it!” Dove said hugging Velvet and Snowy. “We should try to escape” Velvet said. 

Dove woke up, this time for real. She slowly got up. “Lord. Help me on this mission. Help me to find Velvet and Snowy. Again I pray that you would open up Velvet's heart. Help her to pray. In your name, Amen.” Dove climbed and climbed. Then a stone broke loose below her! Before she could react she fell onto the ledge below, and for some reason, a flood of memories about her dad rushed back.

Her fourth Birthday:
“Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Dove, Happy Birthday to you!” her Mother Otter and Father Otter sung. Little Dove blew out the candles. Mother and Father clapped. “All in one blow!” Father said proudly. “Good job.” Mother said smiling. “The Lord has blessed with a wonderful daughter.” Mother said. Dove giggled and hugged her mom and dad. “Cake and ice cream now?” Dove wondered. Mother and Father laughed. “Yes, I'll cut it.” Mother said “We love you Lil'Dove.” Father said. Dove giggled and Mother and Father laughed.

Her eighth Birthday: 

“Open it.” Her mom said, giving Dove a package. Dove tore into the wrapping and took out a golden colored Bible! “Oh it's beautiful! Thank you!” Dove exclaimed giving her parents a hug. “We both signed our names.” Father Otter said. Dove opened the Bible and saw the names. “Thank you so much!” Dove said. “And now, to sing happy Birthday!” Mother Otter said, as she went into the kitchen to get the cake. 

The day her Dad disappeared: (6 years after her eighth Birthday) 

Mother Otter said goodbye to Father Otter. “Goodbye Father.” Dove said. “Goodbye sweetie, I have a gift for you.” Father Otter said “Really?” Dove asked “Really.” Father Otter said with a smile. He pulled out a package and gave it to Dove. “Be careful while opening it.” he warned Dove opened it carefully, she gasped when she saw what it held.”Twin Samurai Swords! I-I can't believe it! Thank you so much!” she exclaimed and gave her father a big hug. “Are you really going to fight the Phantoms?” Dove asked. Father Otter nodded. “Yes, and when I return Jamaa will be free once again!” “I can't wait for that day.” Dove whispered “Me too. Now I gotta get going.” “Bye Dad!” Dove called as he went out the door, “Goodbye Admiral!” Mother Otter called after him. So Father Otter left to join the war. 

Dove woke up with eyes wide. She got up and rubbed her head. “W-what happened?” she asked. But then remembered what had happened. She noticed that the sun was rising. Dove prayed. Then slowly climbed the mountain. She gasped when she finally reached the top. She ducked down, grabbed her phone from the backpack, texted her mom to tell the Alphas and come to her location and hit send. For sitting on the mountain was-

Chapter 4 Pray! 

Velvet woke up. “Huh? Where am I?” she wondered. She got up and suddenly remembered what had happened. “You are in your new home.” a voice said. Velvet looked where the voice came from and saw a Phantom! “W-what are you going to do with me?” she asked The Phantom laughed, “Why would we tell you that? Besides, it's time for my coffee break!” and with that he was off. Fear gripped Velvet's heart. What would she do? Did Dove and Snowy know where she was? Would anyone save her? Filled with fear she collapsed on the hard stone floor. Suddenly the Bible Dove gave to her fell out! Velvet quickly picked it up. She pressed it against her chest and prayed. “Dear Jesus, I know I am a sinner and you died for my sins. Forgive me of all my sins, come into my heart. In your name, Amen.” Velvet prayed, then she felt pure joy! She laughed, knowing now that whatever happened, Jesus was in control. Suddenly she heard the flapping of wings, and she saw the eagle! It was carrying “Snowy?” Velvet gasped. The eagle threw Snowy in the cell, locked it, and flew away again not saying a word. Velvet ran over to her friend. “Snowy?” she asked Snowy didn't move. Tears came to Velvet's eyes. “Dear Lord, don't let her die.. Please save her, please..” Snowy coughed. “Where am I?” Snowy asked weakly “Snowy!” Velvet exclaimed as she hugged her. Snowy returned the embrace. “Actually, I don't know where we are.” Velvet admitted “Wait.. Where is Dove?!” Velvet exclaimed in alarm. “She is continuing up the mountain. I don't know how she is doing.” Snowy said sadly. “How did you get separated?” Velvet asked “We were traveling to find you up this mountain, when we came to a steep cliff, we carefully tried to go across, but the stones gave way below me, I fell but Dove grabbed my paw, she wouldn't let go.” Tears came to Snowy's eyes. “So, I let go. My weight was dragging her.” Snowy explained sadly. Velvet gasped. “How did you survive?” “Strangely enough, that eagle was there and took me here.” Snowy said. “I can't imagine how she feels now.” Snowy said sadly “Sad, lonely, scared, abandoned..” Velvet said looked at the ground. “By the way, I accepted Christ as my Savior today.” Velvet said Snowy gasped. “You did! Congratulations!” Snowy squealed as she hugged Velvet. “We need to figure out how to get out of here.” Velvet said. Snowy nodded. 

A Phantom hideout! Dove peaked up, and grabbed her swords. “Lord. Help me, help my friends, help us to return safely.” Dove whispered. She jumped out of her hiding spot and rushed towards the Phantom guards sword in hand. She only got one and was suddenly shocked! She collapsed and hit her head hard on a large boulder. The eagle who had captured Velvet and Snowy seemed to come out of nowhere! It grabbed her and went inside the fort. “That was easy.” one of the Phantoms mumbled 

Snowy and Velvet gasped when the eagle threw Dove into their cell. They scrambled towards her. “She has a large lump on her head!” Snowy exclaimed “Did she have that before?” Velvet asked “No...” Snowy answered, “And look! Another one!” Velvet exclaimed “I wonder what happened..” Snowy murmured. Suddenly they heard the Phantoms yell in terror. Snowy saw the eagle look fearful. “What is your name?” Snowy demanded The eagle glared at her.”Thunder, if it's any of your business. And with that, he flew off to help the other Phantoms. Snowy and Velvet waited hours wondering what was happening.. Suddenly Dove lurched, “Dove wake up.” Snowy's voice? “She's had a rough day. Leave her.” Velvet's voice! Dove slowly got up. “Velvet?! Snowy?!” Dove exclaimed “Yes.” Snowy said with a smile. “I-I did it Dove.” Velvet said. “Did what? Pray?!” Dove exclaimed “Yes!” Velvet answered. “That's wonderful! I can't believe it!” Dove said hugging Velvet and Snowy. “We should try to escape” Velvet said.
Dove noticed how it was exactly like her dream!
“How?” Dove asked weakness still in her voice. “I think the Alpha's are out there.” Snowy pointed out. “They are.” Dove replied. “How do you know?” Velvet asked. “I texted my mom on my phone.” Dove said with a smile.”Why didn't you use it when I was taken away?” Velvet asked “We thought we could do it on our own..” Snowy answered. Dove nodded. “But we were wrong.” “Well, I think this whole adventure helped me find Christ.” Velvet said. Suddenly they saw Liza through the bars of the prison! Liza opened the lock with her staff, “Are you guys alright?” Liza asked “We think, but Dove has some nasty bruises on her head.” Snowy said. “And scrapes.” Dove added as she limped towards Liza. “Where did you get that anyway?” Snowy asked. “I rather not say.” Dove said wincing. “You three should tell me your story.” Liza said. They all explained what happened. “Sounds you had quite the adventure.” Liza said thoughtfully. “You better get home. Your parents are worried sick!” Parent. Dove thought. “Okay, let's go.” Eagles, owls, and falcons were sent to get everyone down. While they were traveling home they suddenly saw “Ember!” Velvet exclaimed as she and Snowy ran towards Ember Dove limping behind. “I thought you were going on vacation.” Dove said. “Turns out, my parents told me that to get me to see a pastor.” Ember said with a grin. “And?” Velvet asked “I prayed! Jesus is now in charge. I am so sorry for mocking you and Snowy, Dove.” Ember said. “It's fine. We forgive you.” Snowy said with a smile. “I prayed too!” Velvet told Ember They all hugged. 

Chapter 5 What? Who? Daddy...?

So, they all traveled back together, paw in paw. When they got home Mother Otter smothered Dove in kisses. Then they went back to the tree house. “What do you think is going to happen to the Eagle?” Ember asked. “The Alphas said it will be taken care of, the Phantoms that were found were destroyed.” Velvet answered “That's a relief.” Snowy said. Dove nodded, “My mom was worried sick.” Dove said. “Our mom's will be surprised when we tell her.” Snowy said. “Um.. yeah?” Ember said blinking. “Lets start this camping trip!” Velvet exclaimed That night they talked about their adventure and more. The week was over before they knew it! Soon it was time to get back home. They said their goodbyes and parted. Dove sighed as she laid her backpack on her bed. “Dear God. Thank you for bringing us home safely from our adventure. I thank you that both Velvet and Ember got saved today. In your name Amen.” “Dove! Time for dinner!” Mother Otter called from downstairs. “Okay, coming mom!” Dove called back. She went downstairs and found Mother Otter just finishing the Macaroni and Cheese. “Mmmm! Mac and Cheese!” Dove exclaimed. Mother Otter smiled. Dove took a huge plateful of it. They sat down at the table. Dove sighed as she looked at the empty third chair. “M-mom?” Dove asked “Yes Honey?” said Mother Otter. “Have you heard from Daddy sense he went off to.. war?” Dove asked Mother Otter sighed sadly. “I'm.. I'm afraid I haven't..” she said sadly. After dinner Mother Otter went to read. Dove sat on the couch and started to read the first book of the 'Left Behind Series' Suddenly the phone rang. “I got it!” Dove called. She quickly answered the phone. “Hello?” she asked. “Tell your mom, I am coming home.” a voice said. “What? Who is this?” Dove asked Suddenly the caller hung up! “That was strange..” Dove muttered. “That voice sounded familiar..” Dove said quietly 
“Dove! Can you maybe feed Supercat and Skippypanda?” Mother Otter called. “Sure mom!” Dove exclaimed Dove went into the kitchen and gave both the pets their food. Then went back to reading. Then Dove texted Velvet, Ember, and Snowy. Supercat went up to her and almost knocked her phone out of her hands! “Supercat!” Dove laughed. Suddenly Dove heard a knock on the door! “I'll get it!” Dove called once again. “Okay, I will be right there.” Mother Otter said Dove opened the door, and gasped. “D-daddy?” Dove asked. Suddenly Mother Otter came. “Hudson!” she exclaimed as she hugged Hudson, Dove joined the embrace. “Where were you?” Mother Otter asked “The Phantoms held me captive.” Father Otter said. “Really Daddy?” Dove asked. Father Otter nodded. “Wait.. Your.. The Hudson? As in Hudson the Otter Alpha?” Dove asked. Father Otter nodded. “So cool!” Dove exclaimed Mother Otter smiled. “Dove, why don't you tell your Father about the Adventure you had?” Dove grinned. “Sure,” Dove told all that had happened. “I'm so proud of you Honey.” Father Otter said. “Thanks Daddy.” Dove said “Lets get to bed.” Mother Otter said. “Okay.” Dove said Then went up to her bedroom and quickly texted her friends, “DADDY IS HOME!” Then fell fast asleep. The next day she met Velvet, Ember, and Snowy met. “I can't believe your dad is the Otter Alpha!” Ember exclaimed “Yeah!” Snowy said “Me too!” Velvet said. “I'm just glad he's home.” Dove said They talked and laughed for about an hour. “I got to go.” Snowy said sadly. “Aw, okay, bye Snowy.” Dove said “Bye Snowy!” Ember and Velvet said “Bye guys!” “We have defeated the Phantom Fortress.” Ember said to Sir Gilbert “Good! Did you find Peck?” Sir Gilbert asked, “Afraid not. You see, as soon as we defeated the Phantom Fortress another one appeared about 20 miles away!” Dove said “How did you see it?” Sir Gilbert asked. “There was an owl there, I think his name was Sighter.” Velvet said. Sir Gilbert nodded thoughtfully. “Cider.. Hm, I can do with some of that right now.” he said. “No, no, not that type!” Ember said Sir Gilbert grinned. “I know.” “So we need to fight the other one soon.” Liza said coming up from behind Sir Gilbert.

 “We got to go home.” Ember said. “Well, see you tomorrow Ember and Velvet!” Dove said “Bye!” Dove went inside and talked with her mom and dad about some stuff. She asked him about being an Alpha and more. 

The End


This really was a heartwarming story. Ever since I read it, I knew you were number 1 in my mind, and you would be hard to beat!

Here is your prize!

😊 This prize is waiting in your JAG's! 

Thank you so much to everyone who entered this contest! I know it's hard work sometimes to write a long story, so truly, thank you so very much!

Heres todays Bible verse! (As shown below). 

Romans 12:16

Live in harmony with each other. Don't be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don't think you know it all!

Remember, God made YOU!

Story Contest Deadline - Today!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here! I have big news. Today is the deadline for my Story Contest! If I do not get any more submissions by 7:30 PM PST, I will announce the winner by 8:00 PM PST! But if I do get another submission, the winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon. I'm so excited to announce the winner when it's time!

Also, remember how I said in the Story Contest post, that my parents would be judging the contest? Well, my Mom didn't seem too keen on that idea, so unfortunately only I will be judging. Sorry!

Here's what I will be judging on.

What I will be looking for in your story: 

Good story board 

I hope you guys had fun writing your stories! 

Here's a little graphic I made for the contest a while back. 

Here's todays Bible verse!

Romans 12:16

Live in harmony with each other. Don't be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don't think you know it all!

Remember, God made YOU!

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Rare Jingle Bell Necklace

Yoooooohooooooo, Jammers!

Guess who's back with another RIM post!


Okay then. Don't guess. 😑

😝 I'm kiddin'. It's Karalee, everybody! 😁

The real point of the post is, we've gotten around to another Monday, and there's an RIM to prove it!

This week's Rare Item is the Rare Jingle Bell Necklace! It's currently being sold in Jam Mart Clothing, for the price of 950 Gems.

As you can see, the Jamaaliday RIMs are now here! We will probably be seeing a lot of red, white, and green in the shops from now on. 😊

Perhaps the next release will be the Rare version of  Jingle Bell Bracelets! Do you think so? Tell us in the comments!

That's it for this week's post, Jammers! 😀 See y'all next time for another Rare Item Monday!


Nature Pictures

Hey Jammers, today I am going to do a Nature Post with pictures from my OWN back yard! I hope you enjoy them!

This was a big orange tree down the road.

This is just in our forest.

This is our river.

The river, I just love this one!


This is just in our yard.

This was a sunset I saw in the car, coming home from Piano!
Here is another one, oh this one is so pretty!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures!

Cool Animal Fact: Some birds like the Parrot can actually sound like a phone ring!

*King Tough Bunny

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The Adventure Of The Frogsloth, 22nd Entry

Hey, Jammers! 

Today there will be one long chapter instead of two short ones.  Hope you enjoy!

Dear Diary,
The pounding steps of the Elephant bore down on us.
Acting quickly, I clamped my jaws firmly around the muddy-tasting Camouflage Jacket Lieutenant wore, dragging us both out of the way just as Horty's thundering feet impacted the floor where we had been mere seconds ago.
Uncle Baron was fighting rather well, considering that the most I had seen of him was in a lab bending over a test tube set. What exactly did he do on those long trips of his?
He snatched a long-necked green vase off a nearby end table and shattered it over the Falcon's head, then deftly jumped behind the olive-velvet Elegant Couch, momentarily sticking the crossbow into the pocket of his Lab Coat.
Despite his injured foot, Keelow crawled up onto the couch, snarling. He intended to spring over the back at Uncle Baron. Before he was able to do so, Uncle Baron flipped the couch over rapidly. The dark-clothed Lemur was trapped under that tasteful piece of furniture, squirming like the coward he was, orange eyes wide.
Pulling the crossbow out of his pocket, Uncle Baron pointed it at the fallen boss of the thugs.
"Don't move," he said to the whole room, and the whole room froze.
"Now," he said, his voice deceptively calm, even as his breath heaved from exertion. "You three are going to be very still, or you'll be missing a leader shortly. Lieutenant?"
"Yeah?" Lieutenant panted, his fist still ready to strike Parker the Goat.
"Take my niece. Move her towards the door."
'Take my niece'? Really? Did you not just see me save his butt? Indignant thoughts aside, I was silent when Lieutenant moved beside me.
We stepped through the hall entry in silence, Uncle Baron s-l-o-w-l-y inching back from Keelow, the crossbow still pointed at the Lemur leader's head.
"Get through the door," Uncle Baron murmured, his eyes flickering to the side to glance at us for an instant, but not turning his head away.
The sound of everyone's heavy breathing filled the room as Lieutenant and I backed up the steps leading to the basement-house's secret entrance. I prayed we wouldn't trip.
I finally backed against the front door. My paw slid backwards and felt for the handle. It found its mark.
As the door swung open, Lieutenant and I stepped into the fresh air... well, it was a swamp, so not so fresh.
Uncle Baron came up the stairs, still pointing the crossbow. When he crossed the threshold, he swiftly slammed the door, turned, stuffed the crossbow into his pocket, pushed us forward, and whispered, "Run."
Adrenaline in our veins and danger behind us, we ran through those cypress trees faster than I had ever gone before.


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sarah's Birthday Party Pictures!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here! This afternoon, I went to a birthday fun party, hosted by my friend, Sarahkey8! Here's some pictures of it!

Lostfairy went on her backup account, dressed up as Santa Clause (or, Claws?), and gave Sarah here birthday glitch!

(P.S. In these photos I'm on my Mom's account, Littlecooljammer (the pig with Nerd Glasses), because my main account has been given Bubble Chat for the day. AJHQ said I attempted to give out Personal Information. I had my friends guess my age, but that was 6 days ago. I'm not sure what happened.)

Then we "ate" desserts, including.. Muddy Browniez?

After clicking on the Turkey on the feast table, I realized it was still pink. I warned everyone that this was not safe to eat.

After we "ate", we went inside to have cake, and sing Happy Birthday to Sarah! I think I was singing a bit too loud...

When the party was over, me and Sarah hung out for a bit, then I had to go. 

Thank you for inviting me to such a wonderful party! 

People who came: 

Lpslover98989 (Fr0zenWarrior)

Remember, if you missed this party, there will be more in the future!

Heres todays Bible verse!

Psalm 100:4

Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his name.

Remember, God made YOU!

Animal Friends Entry 5

The abandon cabin was really an old, run down camp cabin, in the middle of a large clearing in woods. before Mr. Lanes had brought the land there use to be a camp there, but it only lasted a few years and now kids were taking the cabins apart for wood to build forts.The kids mounted their horses and went into the woods, when they got to the clearing Jenny said. "This looks like a good spot” “Yeah" Said James, "it is but where are we going to hide? We can’t really hide in the trees” Philip looking around. He didn’t see anything but then he saw that there was a large rock only a few yards into the woods. “That rock over there,” he said. “What?” James and Jenny said together.“that rock over there," repeated Philip, "we can hide behind it and should still have a good view of the clearing” “Good idea Philip," Said James,They walked over to the rock. James looked at it and then said, “This is perfect there’s a nice flat spot near top and a perfect view of the clearing” “So this is where we’re staying?” Said Jenny, “Yeah" Said James, "for a while” “All right” she said.So the kids sat down and watch the clearing and then they saw something golden again.“I see something golden” whispered JennyThey all looked they saw it to it started to move it walked into the clearing the kids jumped off the rock and slowly walked towards it. And a bird flew up into the sky “Aww" Said James, "It’s just a bird” “I think we should go look for the dog instead of waiting for it” Philip said.“Yeah that would probably be better" Said James.

Cool Animal Fact: Tigers are the largest member of the Cat family

*King Tough Bunny


Hello Jammers. 😐
Our good friend SwirlShine's guinea pig Cookie died about a week ago. We're all really sorry Swirl!
A lot of people have been making master pieces of Cookie, and I have done the same, Hope you like it Swirl. :) 

Cool Animal Fact: Did you know that Tigers do not only have striped fur? They have striped SKIN! 

*King Tough Bunny

Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Belated Birthday Sarah!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here with a quick post!

Yesterday, was Sarahkey8's birthday! In honor of this special day, I made Sarah a drawing. Here it is!

I made this a while ago, so I will give you this drawing tomorrow at your party, as long as I can make it! 

I hope you like it!

Don't forget Jammers! Sarah's Birthday party is tomorrow! Heres the party info!

Party info:

Where: Sarahkey8's den
When: Nov 26 
Time: 3:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time), 2:00 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time), 1:00 PM MST (Mountain Standard Time), 12:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)     
What we will do: Talk, Play games, "Eat" cake, Have fun!

I hope you can make it! 

Here's todays Bible verse!

Psalm 92:4

You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me! I sing for joy because of what you have done.

Remember, God made YOU!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

In Loving Memory... Of Cookie.

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here with a quick post!

Last week, my buddy Swirlshine's, guinea pig, Cookie, passed away. In memory of this pet, I made a drawing of her, and Swirlshine.

I hope you like it! 

I will turn it into a masterpiece, as soon as I get enough diamonds for Lostfairy's, and yours. 

Heres todays Bible verse!

Psalm 100:2

Worship the Lord with gladness. Come before him, singing with joy.

Remember, God made YOU!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Rare Turquoise Bracelet

Helloooooo, Jammers! 😁

This week's RIM is the Rare Turquoise Bracelet!

It's been commented by many that it's really more lime green than turquoise, but that's because the name of the actual item is Turquoise Bracelet.

Due to the fact that the Princess Dress covers most things on an animal, the screenshot of me wearing the RIM seems to lack any RIMs whatsoever, as shown here.

That's it for this Rare Item! Can't wait to see what's in store next week! 😀

Until next time,


Helping the Oceans in Jamaa

Hey beans, ja983 here with another post! (Yes that is Julian2)
Like this picture? I keep switching worlds till I found one that had a sad looking SeaHouse.
As you all know underwater is falling no one goes under there! I think we should do something to get it more popular, There are a lot of cool things under water too! (I'm going to tell this to AJHQ also) Here are some ideas to get it more popular
1. Pearl Shop (a few people have suggested this)
2. More NM clothes, the only ones I know about are the CCC (Candy Cane Crown XD) and the pirate bandanna. And you know these aren't even very great looking
3. More NM den items
4. This is something that YOU can do maybe do to help!, make a cool under water den, and then shout in Jamaa Township and say, "Cool under water party my den!" Then you can maybe show people that underwater is cool!
5. Everyone thinks there is a new underwater land coming. if they do that then I'm sure that will help too!
Do you have any more ideas to save the ocean? Tell us below in the comments!

*King Tough Bunny
Come to my underwater den! Look for the secret item muhahahha!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Adventure Of The Frogsloth, Entries 20 And 21

Dear Diary,

Oh dear.
"No!" Uncle Baron was indignant. "There's no reason for this!"
"Oh yeah?" Parker sneered. "Goin' maverick ain't a good enough reason for ya?"
"Maverick? Is that what you think this is? I'll tell you what I think this looks like, it looks like three hired goons--"
"Four," Horty cut in plaintively.
"Four hired goons," Uncle Baron growled through his teeth, "Kidnapping a respected scientist and employee of--" He broke off.
Of...? I looked at him curiously. Who are you? It suddenly hit me. I didn't know my uncle at all. The question pounded in my head. Who are you?
"Heh." Parker seemed mildly amused. "We'll see what the boss thinks when we get you back where you belong."
Uncle Baron seethed as Parker pulled another chunk of raisin bread out of his pocket. Holding the crossbow with one hoof, he continued munching.
"Hm," he murmured quietly. "Tastes funny, come to think of it...." He peered closer at the raisins. His eyes widened in horror as he realized what the dark, squishy things really were.
"SLUUUUGS!!" He screamed in horror and spit, dropping the crossbow to scrape at his tongue with both hooves. Walter's cooking had struck again.
Taking advantage of the moment, Lieutenant suddenly sprang on Parker, knocking him to the floor. Keelow and Sneed leaped out of the kitchen, drawn by his scream.
"A-a-hh...." I let out a cracked sort of sound sound as Horty's trunk tightened on me, my face contorting in pain.
Uncle Baron rushed at Sneed, a fierce expression on his face. Glaring, Keelow yanked Lieutenant's kicking, clawing body off of Parker. With one blow, Keelow's sinewy limb dealt Lieutenant a powerful smack across the face, knocking him flat on his back.
Every instinct in my body fired up at the cracking, smacking sound of that punch. Mingled anger and horror bubbled up in me, fierce and awful. Twisting around as far as my spine would allow, I sunk my teeth into the trunk of the Elephant gripping me, and bit.


Dear Diary,

As my teeth sank into his gray trunk, Horty the Elephant released me. His screaming trumpet pierced my ears and shook the rafters.
I rolled to the floor and quickly jumped out of the way of his enourmous, stomping feet.
Fury. Animal instincts from ancient ages coursed through me. My muscles were taut, ready to spring. Snarling, roaring sounds tore from my throat, sounds I didn't know I was capable of making.
My mane bristled as I crouched, moving low to the ground. Blood stained around my mouth from where I had bitten my way to freedom. I didn't think about it then. I couldn't. Every thought of my being was focused on one thing. Fight. Protect. Lieutenant.
Making a sound between a growl and a scream, I backed up, placing my claws and teeth between Lieutenant and that repulsive Lemur.
Everyone had stopped for a split second, and they were kind of staring at me. In retrospect, it wasn't surprising. I probably looked like a maniac.
Uncle Baron was the first to break away. He lunged for the crossbow on the floor.
He reached it. Pointing it in Sneed's direction, he let fly the arrow.
The sharp and gleaming arrow passed through the Falcon's pinion feathers, and struck Keelow in the back paw. Perhaps that was what he was aiming for all the time... personally, I don't think so.
At that moment, Horty the Elephant, enraged by the bleeding wound on his trunk, charged directly at me and Lieutenant.