Saturday, November 12, 2016

Animal Friends 3

Ja983 back again, Sorry for the late post, today was busy, this morning we were cleaning for my older brothers friends, then a 1:00 we went to the movies and got back a for, THEN, we had to do laundry, and eat, and THEN, I had to iron, and hold my little baby bro! whew! But here I am! With the third entry of Animal Friends!
Chapter Two 

James Jenny and Philip didn’t have a clue whose dog it was but they were going to find out;
when James got home for dinner, his Mom asked him, “so how was your day honey?”
“It was great" Said James, "we went to the meadows and talked with Benny and we also saw this strange dog there, do you know who his owner might be?”
 “I don’t know, said his Father I’d have to see him, where is he?”
 “Well" Said James, "we kinda lost him"
 “What do you mean, where is he?” Said his Dad
“he uh ran into the woods,” Said James,
 “but why?” Asked Dad
“well" Said James, "I reached out to touch him but then he backed up and ran away.
 “Maybe you and your friends could make a poster for this dog and if someone knows him they’ll know that someone’s seen him," said his Dad "and you can put our phone number on the poster so they can call us.
 “That’s a great idea" Said James, "but I’d like to wait until we know more about the dog"
“ok son" said his Dad "do what you want to do, and when you see them again tell your friends that maybe in the summer I’ll help you build a stable for your horses by the fort”
 “ok thanks Dad” Said James.
The next day Philip and Jenny came over to James' house and knocked on the door,
“yes?" Said James' Mother opening the door,
“hello Philip, Jenny, are you looking for James?”
 “Yes" Said Philip, "is he here?”
 “Yes" said Mrs. Stone "I think he’s in the stable and he wants to talk to both of you”
“ok thank you” Said Philip, “have a nice day you two” said Mrs. Stone
“you too” Said Jenny, with a smile.
Jenny and Philip walked around to back, walked into the stable, and saw James packing a bag
“what are you doing?” Asked Philip
 “we’re going to go back to the meadows and look for the dog” Said James,
 “ok but what are you doing with the bag?” Jenny asked
 “Here," Said James, handing her the bag, "this is a bag for the dog put things in it that we could use can you put something's in it?"
 “Ok” Said Jenny,
 “what should I do?” Asked Philip
 “well" Said James, "first you should get your horse and then you can help Jenny with the bag,”
 “ok" Said Philip, he walked out the barn and came back with his horse Jumper
“just put him in the stable for now,” Said James,
“are we just going to sit in the fort waiting for him to come out?” Asked Philip
“maybe for a little bit" Said James, "but I think we’ll have better luck if we go more into the woods, oh and I forgot to tell you my Dad said that in the summer maybe he can come out to the fort and help us build a small stable for our horses.
“Great!” Said Jenny,
“your Dad is the best wood worker in town!” Said Philip,
 “yeah" Said James, "he’s pretty good anyway let’s get going”
 “should I pack the first add kit?” Jenny asked,
“Yeah" Said Philip, "he might be hurt you never know”
 “all right" Said Jenny, putting it in, "I’m also going to put in some food he might be hungry”
 “do you like we should bring another dog?” Philip asked James
“what do you mean?” Asked James "should we bring Jeff or Jaws?”
 “I think that’s a good idea good job Philip,” Said Jenny,
“thank you” Said Philip,
“are you sure if we should bring them?” wondered James “what do you mean,” Said Philip,
James looked at Blaze and said “what if they have a fight or something or scares the dog off, are you sure we should take the chance?”
“I think we should try it,” Said Philip,
 “me too” Said Jenny,
 “ok" Said James, "if you both think so.
“Ok" Said Jenny, "I have everything I think we'll need, let’s go”
 “all right" Said James, mounting Blaze "let’s go!”
*King Tough Bunny

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