Saturday, November 19, 2016

Things in Jamaa that people don't notice 2

OK here are more Things in Jamaa that people don't notice with KTB! I have to do this post kinda early, because our family is going to a museum at 10, Remember there is no party today, next Saturday though!

There is a Fish on top of the sign of Tierney's Aquarium.

In Coral Canyons there are the little peeper things, that you put a quarter into and  you can see really far, I don't know what their called.

In Mt. Shiveer There is a little cave blocked off by some ice, I wonder if you will be able to go there in the future. 

In the Chamber of Knowledge There are Magazines, they look like National Geographic Magazines!

In Coral Canyons There is a big tree behind the den shop! 

In Chamber of Knowledge, there is a fish, I wonder how it breaths, it doesn't move and there are no plants. XD 

Hope you enjoyed this little know things around Jamaa! 

Cool Animal Fact: Foxes Hyenas, Dingos, Jackles and normal house dogs and all related to the wolf, but some people think the Hyena is part of the cat family.

*King Tough Bunny

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