Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Banana Clan!? and The Winter Adventure Chapter 2

Hey peeps! 😃 The reason why this post is well... somewhat late.. Is because I thought it was Tuesday O.O It wasn't until dinner when I realized...
ITS NOT TUESDAY ITS WEDNESDAY! 😂 Oh. I need a crazy intro.....


Mkay. I'm done :) <-- Old fashion emote there hehe.

Anybody heard of Banana Clan? It seems its a new thing in AJ. It seems it is led by two monkeys. Superbananafan, and Bananabowler
and  The two leaders. I think this is spreading, because I spotted 1 or 2 in Julian's den. *Sadly no screen shots taking of those* But I did see one of the leaders, and buddied him/she. Trust me, these guys are as good as Spinnyboiz at causing drama. Especially with the Spinnyboiz.
 Then I headed over to his/her den. And did an interview.
*Meanwhile at the Interview* 
Actually, before the Interview started I decided to take pictures of the 'HQ' 
And then I got logged out. Not locked out. LOGGED XDD
And when I came back the portal was purple O.O
Then we got the meeting started, 
 These guys are really weird O.O So I followed her to 'Banana Meeting Place' which was through the portal.
Then we finally started. 
O.O It was just really strange...
And now for The Winter Adventure Chapter 2! 
Chapter 2 

Dove reached for her Boomseeds, and threw one at the Phantom. It incinerated in a cloud of dust. "I didn't know they had Phantoms around here.." Ember murmured "Me either." Snowy and Velvet said together. Dove looked up. "T-there shouldn't be!"
 she exclaimed. Her friends looked at her, eyes widened. "Ever sense the sheep arrived in Jamaa, everything has been quiet. Maybe even a little too quiet. Usually we have to go off on Adventures, but now... now, we don't have to because there is no trouble!" Dove said. "Are you sure the Phantoms would launch an attack?" Snowy asked. 
"They would." Velvet said, "Maybe.." said Ember. "But what can we do? We don't know the Phantoms are going to invade!" Ember exclaimed
"I don't know.." whispered Dove. Suddenly she heard a twig snap! "Did any of you hear that?!" she asked. "Hear what?" Ember asked "I, I could've sworn I heard a twig snap.." Dove said. "Probably the wind?" Snowy suggested. "Probably." Velvet said. "But there is no wind." 
Dove pointed out. "You might be hearing things." Velvet said. "Y-yeah, h-hearing things." 
Dove said. "What's wrong with you? You're really jumpy!" said Ember
"Am not."
"Are too."
"See?! You would never argue over something like that!" Snowy said. 
"Whatever." Dove said. "Yeah, lets just get to sleep." 
Velvet said, 
That night  Dove couldn't get to sleep. She tossed and turned all night.  Until she finally fell asleep. The next morning the friends had breakfast when suddenly flap.. flap.. "Did you hear that?" Snowy asked. "Yes!" everyone answered. Suddenly Velvet screamed, Dove felt a sharp pain on her head, and then... darkness

Well, that's all for now Jammers! And remember! Stay safe, Jam On, Play Wild, and remember God made you! Byeee! 

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