Monday, February 20, 2017

Rare Cat Ears, And The Adventure Of The Frogsloth, 27th Entry

Hellooooooo, Jammers! Karalee speaking! Er, writing.

This week we've got a great RiM in Jam Mart Clothing, the Rare Cat Ears! 🐈😸

This item works wonderfully for roleplaying, whether you're the housecat in a family, or running wild in Sarepia!

The next part of this post will be another chapter of the continued Adventure Of The Frogsloth! 🐸 (I need to ask Mom to please write a bit more, if she can.)

The Adventure Of The Frogsloth, 27th Entry

Dear Diary,
As I watched Walter disappear into the inky blackness of the tunnel, I felt torn.  I wanted to stay close to Uncle Baron, but I needed Walter’s help if I hoped to  rescue him from those hooligans.  
He had said to follow, so follow I did.
As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I glimpsed the furry back of the Frogsloth not far ahead.  A few quick steps and I had caught up to him.  Silently, we crept along for what seemed like miles.
At last, Walter paused.  I sensed by his posture that all was not well.  
“What is it?” I whispered.  
“There seems to have been a bit of collapse since the last time I used this passageway…”  Walter’s voice trailed off as he tried to formulate a new plan.
Great, I thought.  “Should we just go back?  Uncle Baron…”  
But Walter raised a three-clawed paw to ask for silence while he pondered the alternatives.  Apparently, we had some, so that was good at least!
“How long can you hold your breath?” he asked me suddenly.
“I - I’m not sure,” I stammered.  “A minute or two?”  
“That should do.”  For what, I wondered.
“There’s no room for me to pass you, so we will have to backtrack with you in the lead.  I’ll let you know when to stop.”  Walter swirled his finger in the stale air to indicate an about-face was in order.
Dutifully, I bent my body into a tight curl and just managed to turn around in the confines of the tight passage.  We had traversed about half the distance back to the Frogsloth’s den when he called the halt.
This time I reared up on my hind legs and danced around to face him.  He took a step toward me and also turned, bending down to grasp something on the floor.  It was a round metal disk that had been buried in the moist black loam.
Reaching into the hole the disk had covered, he withdrew a long chain and began to tow it toward me.  I backed away quickly to make room for him.  As he grunted with the effort, I saw a section of the floor slide up onto the surface on which we stood.  
And where it had been was a gaping, water-filled hole.


This is Karalee, signing off!


  1. What will happen next!? O: CLIFFHANGER

  2. Those cat-ears are my new favorite rare item.

    Ayy this story is sooo good! I need to know what happens next!


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