Blossom And Greely (Story)

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here with yet another Blossom story! Stop by here often for more episodes! A new episode should be posted every 1-2 days until the story is finished!


Today was Bring Your Parents To Alpha HQ Day! All of the Alphas except Blossom were getting their parents. Blossom sighed. She didn't know where her parents even were. All of her life, she was raised by her Grandma and Grandpa. Blossom and Greelys wife, Daisy, sat at a big round table. Suddenly, all of the Alphas burst in with their parents by their side. Blossom glanced over at Greely, and saw his parents. Blossom gasped and ran to Greelys parents. Grandma! Grandpa!! She hugged her grandparents. "Blossom darling!" Grandma Ann exclaimed. Blossom smiled. "Wait a minute.... If your Greelys parents... Greely and Daisy are my... Parents?" Blossom asked with a warming smile. Grandma Ann and Grandpa Dave nodded with a grin. Blossom's Dad seemed to be in a bad mood. Blossom wondered what was wrong.. 

Why was Greely so grumpy? Blossom knew she would have to find out. All of the Alpha's and their parents sat around the large round. Greely spoke up, "Thank you for coming everyone. I have an announcement to make. I have quit my job at Alpha HQ..." Greely said with a sigh. All of the Alphas gasped. Blossom slammed her hand on the table and stood up. "You can't do that Dad!" Blossom exclaimed with a look of anger on her face. Greelys eyes widened at Blossom calling her dad. "How did you find out..." Greely asked glaring at Blossom. "Because you brought my Grandpa and Grandpa.." Blossom replied as she looked into Greelys eyes. Greely quickly dropped that subject. "I will leave tonight." Greely said firmly. Daisy looked at Greely painfully. "You never told me that... I need to stay here... And be with my Daughter..." Daisy said holding back tears. This Holiday was not on a great start…

That night, Blossom said her goodbyes to her Grandparents, and all of the Alphas left Alpha HQ to drop their parents back at home. Blossom went to her room and started to cry. Blossom just found out that Greely was her dad, and now he was quitting his job at Alpha HQ. Suddenly, Blossom heard pounding on her bedroom door. Blossom quickly opened it, and found Greely standing there. "I thought you were taking my Grandparents home." Blossom said sadly as she wiped her tears. "They decided to take a cab. Anyways, I must get going now. Maybe we will meet again.... Tell your Mother I said goodbye." Greely said as he accidentally dropped a piece of paper in a case on the floor. He quickly closed the door before Blossom could even say goodbye. Blossom saw something on the floor, picked it up, and opened the piece of paper, and gasped! It was-

The map of the new Phantom's Lair! Blossom gasped! No Alpha had ever had the map to a Phantom Lair! "Wait.. What if my Dad is rebelling and turning into a phantom..." Blossom said to herself as she looked at the map with tearful eyes. "Please don't let this happen to my Dad!" Blossom prayed in a depressing voice. She would absolutely dread having to stop her Dad and lock him up. Blossom decided to let it go for a while and get some sleep. Blossom hopped in bed, held up her covers that said ALPHA HQ on it, and slid under the covers. She tucked herself in, and closed her eyes. But she just couldn't sleep! She couldn't stop thinking of the map she saw. But finally, an hour later, she fell into a deep sleep. Greely slowly opened the door, and peaked in. He lowly laughed. He scooped her up, and transported her and himself to the Phantom's New Lair....

Blossom woke up right before Greely put her in a cage! Blossom stared at him with angry eyes. “I knew you were up to something…” Blossom said as she glared at him. Blossom jumped out of her father’s arms and ran as fast as she could! “Get that Arctic Wolf!” Greely exclaimed as he started to chase after her. Suddenly, Blossom came to a dead end! “God I really need your help!” Blossom prayed as she put her back to the wall. She saw Greely and some phantoms get closer and closer! Blossom held out her Healing Staff in case anything happened. Suddenly Greely walked into a room. Blossom had no idea what that was all about. But just then, the phantoms stood right in front of her, when all of the sudden the phantoms turned into dust! Blossom knew only God could have done that! Suddenly, the wall she was leaning on broke open and Greely pulled Blossom in and the wall sealed it self up again…

Blossom screamed as loud as she could. Greely looked at her with anger in his eyes. "Give me that map...." Greely said looking into her scared eyes. Blossom knew what he was talking about. Liza gave her a map to the newly discovered, Heartstone. No Alpha except Blossom had it! "What do you want with it?" Blossom asked trembling. "You know what I want with it.. I want to find the Heartstone and destroy it.. Jamaa needs to have some more excitement..." Greely said with a mischievous grin. Blossom gasped. Blossom suddenly saw a passage door open and she ran in it! "Come back here Blossom!" Greely yelled. The passage door closed. In the room was just a little candle lighting up only part of the room. "Hello..?" Blossom said as she looked around. Her voice echoed. She couldn't see anyone. She was safe now. 

Suddenly, someone opened the passageway door. It was a phantom! Blossom screamed. She ran out of the passageway as fast as she could. Just then, Greely grabbed the map to the newly discovered Heartstone out of Blossom's pocket. Blossom stopped in her tracks. She turned around to face Greely. "Jamaa has had plenty of excitement! Please don't destroy the Heartstone! You were an Alpha! You protected Jamaa!" Blossom begged Greely with a look of sadness in her eyes. Greely sighed. "Do you want to know the real reason why I want to destroy it?" Greely asked looking down at the floor. Blossom nodded. "Well you see, the newly discovered Heartstone is a sloth. And I used to be friends with a sloth named David. He was learning to become an Alpha. But Liza thought David would be a better Alpha then me. It made me angry. Somehow he didn't pass the test though. But I've been so bitter about it. For some reason I just won't let him live it down.. He lives in the next town over.. I wanted to destroy the Heartstone so he wouldn't come to Jamaa." Greely explained sadly. "Dad.. You gotta forgive and forget.." Blossom told her Dad in a low voice. "I feel ashamed my little daughter is telling me that.. But I suppose your right." Greely said as he looked up at Blossom and smiled. 


  1. Love your story! I only saw the 2nd part on the D.E XD (sarahkey8)

  2. NOOOOOO WHY DOES GREELY TURN BAD?!!!!!!!Nice story though! Tysm for posting my story too!

  3. Snowflakes Phantom Daughter? Chapter 6
    “Snowflake!” all the Alphas exclaimed Snowflake nodded “Whats going on?” she asked “This Arctic Fox says she is the new Arctic Fox Alpha.” Cosmo answered Snowflake tilted her head. “Whats her name?” she asked “Fauna.” Fauna answered “Last name?” Snowflake asked “Fox..” she answered “Mi-” “Snowflake!” Snowflake turned around. “Prince!” she exclaimed

  4. Gracie please reply, Spike wrist for your cami frog? Or spiked collar for cami frog? plz reply!

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  6. HI GRACIE!!!! I love your blog. (Fr0zenL0ver)

  7. DID YOU HEAR???? I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! I GOT CAMI'S FROG I traded a really good masterpice, golden long spike, and a short wrist and spike... lol and rares THATS HOW MUCH I WANTED CAMI LOL

  8. *clap clap* Good ending! (AJ Adventurer)


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