Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Taking Fairy Tales in a Christian Perspective-Cinderella

Hey Jammers! SPRING IS FINALLY HERE *pumps fist* It's slowly getting warmer slowwwwwwwly :/ 

It's time for another Taking Fairy Tales in a Christian Perspective-Cinderella!
A story of romance, love, (THOSE ARE PRETTY MUCH THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!) and bravery!  Right?.. 

I haven't actually read the real real version of Cinderella, except a few little kid books that were completely based off the movie, the cartoon was just.. very... cringy. The live action was actually super good XD BUT ANYWAYS
We are not here to talk about movies, we are here to talk about cheescake?  CINDERELLA.
*points* Music?
Oh. No music?   *mice start to sing the Cinderella song* CINDERELLY CINDERLLY-dont know how to spell that  :)  BE QUIET!!! *throws mice to whatever the cats name is*
lets finally do it.
 I am very sorry for the lack of details, I kind of have to rush.

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Cinderella. When her mother died, her father remarried a woman whose husband recently died, she had two daughters Cheese and cake  Shortly after her  fathers death, Cinderella's Stepmother started treating her poorly, her bedroom became the cold attic, and sometimes she went down to the fire and lay next to the cinders.  Her stepmother treated her like a servant, while her daughters and stepmother went to Mcdonalds a lot. Cinderella worked almost all day, but always with a smile on her face,  her Stepfamily barely lifted a finger.  One day, a messenger arrived with invitations to the ball, where the Prince Kai  would choose his bride, the Stepmother ordered 3 dresses probably from Mcdonalds because all fairy tale people go, why don't they go somewhere else like Olive Garden orrr I can't think of any restaurant besides Mcdonalds   When Cinderella asked "What about me?"  Her Stepmother laughed and replied, "If you get all your chores done." Which of course, she would just make more and more chores. The day of the ball,  Cinderella went up in the attic and found her mother's old wedding dress,  it was not nearly as fancy as her stepfamily's dresses, she sewed it up, all nice and tidy, and then took some cast away ribbion's from her stepsisters and sewed those onto the dress. When they were about to go to the ball, Cinderella came downstairs where her stepsisters and mother were, when they saw she had taken the ribbions (Heyy they threw them out) aaand ripped apart her dress. Then they left for the ball, leaving Cinderella sobbing. She went out into the garden, where her fairy god mother came to her and gave her stuff to go the ball, (horses, a new dress, carriage etc too lazyyy XD)And told her that when the clock struck midnight the spell would be broken. So she went to the ball, where she met the prince, love at first sight. realistic  righttt?  And they danced, suddenly the clock started striking, she ran towards the stairs, one of her glass slippers fell off. The prince found it and ordered to try it on every maiden in the land, until he finally found her. They lived happily ever after. 

Moral:  God will send his angels (the godmother, in this story,) to help us, and he will never ever stop looking for us, and will do everything he can do help and/or find us.

Have a good day! Peace <3 ninjas!


  1. How do you remember all the specific detail about the stories?

    1. Well, I can kinda do most of it by myself, but I search up the stories on google to make sure I don't miss anything important, or add something that isn't in the stories :)


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