Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Taking Fairy Tales(and a fable) in a Christian Perspective-Little Red Riding Hood And The Three Little Pigs

 Hello Jammers! Hope you are having a fantastic day!

Recently, I have been reading the Lunar Chronicles, which is basically a series with retold fairy tales and I was also thinking about what to post, anyways lets get into it XD

 Let's start with Little Red Riding Hood:

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Red Riding Hood, so named because she always wore her red cloak that her grandmother made for her.

One day Little Red Riding Hood set out with a basket of  food that her mom prepared to go to her grandmother's house, on the way she met a big big big big big bad bad bad bad he was still recovering from the whole three little pigs thing, ya know? 

wolf, who asked her where she was going. She replied "TO GRANDMA'S HOUSE I GO!" and  the wolf said "Ok." and went off to a path with a sign that said "To Grandma's House You Go" but this was not the path Little Red Riding Hood was on, she was going through the woods, so Big Bad Wolf called his Chauffeur and sped in his convertible to Grandma's cottage. And then, he locked grandma in the closet, and grabbed an extra night gown and lay in her bed, waiting for Little Red Riding Hood to come in.
When Little Red Riding Hood came in, and 'Granny Wolf' greeted her,  she put down the basket of food next to the bed, and said, "What a deep voice you have!" SO ROOD "The better to greet you with!" "Goodness, what big eyes you have!" "All the better to see you with!" "And what big hands you have!" "The better to hug you with." replied 'Granny Wolf'. "What a big mouth you have!" "The better to eat you with!" exclaimed 'Now-Fully-Wolf-Wolf" Little Red Riding Hood cried out and screamed and ran into the next room, trying to keep the wolf out, a woodcutter heard the commotion and came running with his axe, and killed the filthy wolf, then discovered her grandmother in the closet.
They lived happily ever after.

You guys are probably wondering: "So.. how does this relate to Christianity?" Well, the wolf, being satan, and Little Red Riding hood being us, and the woodcutter being God.

When we meet the wolf/satan on the path, we do not suspect anything. And we arrive, we point out something different about our 'loved one' and then the wolf preys on us. We run, praying to God, our cries are heard and he rescues us. Beating back the wolf and defeating it.

The moral? If we cry out to God he will help us, even if He doesn't answer it in the way we hoped/imagined. He WILL get  us out, one way or another.

Psalm 34-17-19

The righteous cry, and the LORD hears and delivers them out of their troubles.

And next, a fable in fact. The Three Little Pigs
This may sound even more ridiculous, but just roll with me.

There once lived Three Little Pigs (lets call them Jeff, Bill, and Bob.)
They set out to explore the world. Bob makes his house out of straw, Bill made his out of sticks, and Jeff made his out of bricks. Then out of the woods (DUN DUN DUNNN) THE BIG BAD WOLF! *gasp* He skipped over to Bob's house, and knocked (HE WAS EAGER FOR BACON!!) and said "LITTLE PIG LITTLE PIG LET ME COME IN!" Bob shivered in the corner and replied "NOT BY THE HAIR OF MY CHINNY CHIN CHIN!"

"Then I'll huff and puff and BLOWWWW your house down!" 🎶And the house came tumbling down🎶 Bob quickly ran over to Bill's house, the wolf decided to go to Mcdonalds and take a nap because he was exhausted. The next day he went over to Bill's house and said "Little pig, little pig! Let me come in!" "NOT BY THE HAIR OF OUR CHINNY CHIN CHINS" shouted Bob and Bill together. "Then I'll huff and I'll puff! And BLOWW the house down! And then the house blew down! Bob and Bill ran away to Jeff's brick house. Again, the Big Bad Wolf knocked on the door, and said "Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in!" "Not by the hair of our  chinny chin chin!" "Then I'll huff, and puff ad BLOWWW your house down!"
So the wolf huffed and puffed, but the house did not fall down. After he went to Mcdonalds to get his strength back he knocked again.
"If you will not let me in, then I will climb through the chimney and come in." So he climbed up and slipped  through the chimney, unaware that Jeff had put a boiling pot of soup under it. The wolf howled in pain, and ran away. Never to return.

Let us say Bob and his hay are you and the hay is just what you can manage lazily. The devil comes and knocks down your foundation (or lack of them). Bill is your friend(s), the sticks being money. (Which is easily burnt and taken away.) You run to them for protection, but it turns out they have the same foundation as you pretty-much nothing. And the devil knocks down that too. Finally, finally, you run to Jeff, aka, God. And he foils the devils plan to quite literally in fact cook you, and instead, he gets 'cooked' instead. 

Moral: Friends, ourselves, money,  etc will NEVER be enough to save us. No matter how much our friends love us, only GOD can save us from the devil. 

2nd Thessalonians 3:3 

But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.

Comment call: What do you think of this post? Should I do more like it? (If so, I will probably do Cinderella, perhaps Snow White if I can think of something for those) 

Have a great day!  


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    *whispers* go Lunar Chronicles!!!!!!!

    1. XDDDD AWWWW, THANK YOU SO MUCH LOST CX (GLAD YOU LIKED IT!) (Also now im just imagining you literally jumping on top of Koolest reading it to her.. XDD)

      I'm glad you enjoyed it Lost!! :DD

      *nods a lot* YES

  2. Aaaah. Interesting postXD I liked it:)


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