Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Finding Issac's Future Wife, Part 2! (In Which I Am Very Late and VERY SORRY! D: )

Hey guys!

Karalee here, and yes I know it's Wednesday I am so so so soooooooo sorryyyyyyyyyyy! 😭 I was all set to draw/write my post while I did laundry last night, but I was so tired that I fell asleep on the couch before making it!

The drawing is all done now, and soon the post will be as well!

This is the finished version of my post from last week, where the (unnamed) servant of Abraham realizes that Rebekah is the woman he's meant to bring back for Issac from the town of Nahor! (Hint: He's elated.)

You can find the full background (and some humorous commentary on what the camels are thinking) in that post -- I'm not going to put them in this one because that text seems to be causing some kind of bizarre font glitch.

Here's the finished and colored version! 😁 Enjoy!

Rebekah's water jug still looks like a decorative vase, but Camel 8 looks less like a pig, and Mister Unnamed Servant of Abraham is no longer creepy! (To be truly accurate to the source verses, all the camels should be loaded up with "all kinds of good things from [Abraham]", but I'm afraid there's only so much I can fit in a chibi picture.)

That's it for this week! Next Tuesday, get ready for another installment of my new series, "The Bible From a Camel's Point of View"!

Seeya later! *waves* 😀 Bye!




  1. This is amazinggg and so cute, Kara! I love it!

    1. Thank you so much, Swirl! :D


  2. Those camels are still adorable!

    1. Cccccccaaaaaaaammmeeeeeellllllllsssss.



  3. Oh my goodness, that is so adorable! :o All the camels are su kawaiiiiii XD

    Awesome job! :D

    Remember, God made YOU!

  4. Kara, I love this so much!!! ^.^ You’re such an amazing artist!!!

    1. Thank you so, so much Lost! :D You're am amazing artist too!


  5. soooo cute kara!I love them! -Penelopeiscute


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