Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Hello guys! Sarahkey8 with some
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Moosic!! uhh yeah idk XD
So if some of you do not know, me, Ja, Pob, and Tox have a piano recital on Sunday after Church, which we have mentioned a little bit, it is our very first one so I am very nervous (Our previous teacher did not do recitals)  and Gracie said it would be okay to post the songs I will be playing! 
I took these videos last night and some of them still need practice so if something seems weird, that's why!(For example, the first key on Musette is too fast) 
Here they are! 

1. Shimmering Waters

                                                     2. Legend of the Lotus Blossom


Comment Call: Do you play any instrument? How long have you been playing it, and do you do anything like recitals?  

Have a good day! 


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