Saturday, October 28, 2017

Buddy Spotlight

Greetings everyone! It's been awhile sense I've done a silly intro but I just haven't felt like it ....
Anyway I will be continuing the Buddy Spotlight, and for today's post I will be featuring ...

Ipslover98989 AKA Frozenwarrior


Lost was one of the first 5 bloggers I met! 
I remember how cool I thought it was that she had a blog hehe 
Lost and I hang out quite often and sometimes talk about the same thing for like, a whole hour sometimes depending on the topic o,o
I think I was calling her Fairy for awhile, while everyone called her Lost XD


Frozen is a really good den decorater and loves to roleplay
 We sometimes roleplay together, I'm usually a dog or a dragon or something XD
Frozen is fun to roleplay with, and super fun to see what fun stuff she creates in her dens!


Magical isn't on a whole lot, but when she is on, we have a lot of fun, in fact I've only seen her 3 times sense I buddies her around the start of the year o,o  but we had a lot of fun in those 3 times, I think I met her through Lost, Magical is silly and spazzy XD We like to debate on a few things. XD


Nafaria9 is the author of the Animal Jam Whip We never get to hang out a lot, either I have to go when she just get's on, or something like that, And I can never make it to her partys! I feel really bad about that Naffy DX I'm sorry.
But her post are very entertaining, and she post quite often so Naffy makes me very happy! :D

 That's all for now everyone see you next weeko!

*Husky Ninja 


  1. Awww, thanks so much for your kind words, Ja!!! I do love how we can talk and talk about the same thing. XD You’re an amazing friend, Ja!!!! ^-^

    Awesome post!!

  2. Hehe- I still call Crazcat Craz, while everyone else calls her Cat! XDDD!


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