Monday, December 7, 2015

Beta Of The Week, Rare Item Monday, And Big New's!

Hey Jammer's!  CoolCat here with another post!  And first I think I will start with the Rare Item Monday!  Today's RIM is a Rare Yeti Face!  It is dark red and the horn's are green with white stripe's.  It can be bought today only in Jam-Mart Clothing in Jamaa Township for 850 gem's.  I personally don't like this item.  I generally like the Yeti Face's but I just don't like the color's they chose.  But I do like that they chose Christmas color's! 

Okay now onto the Beta Of The Week post.  This time I will be focusing on a Clothing Beta.  And the Beta for this week is the Rhino Helmet!  This item is not to be confused with the Horn Helmet.  The Rhino Helmet is a Member's-Only land clothing item.  It was first released during the Beta Day's for 400 gem's and removed shortly afterwards.  The Rhino Helmet is a regular helmet with five horn's on it.  There is one large one on top and there are also two small one's on both side's of the helmet.  There are nine different color's of the Rhino helmet, including the Rare one.

And now it's time for the big news!!  You may now play Play Wild on an Android device!! Animal Jam just released this information today on their blog The Daily Explorer.  You may also play Play Wild on these device's. Ipad second generation or newer, including the Ipad Air, Ipad Mini and Ipad Pro, as well as Iphone fourth generation or newer and Ipod Touch fifth generation or newer.

 I hope you enjoyed today's post!  Bye Jammer's and Jam On!

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