Monday, November 16, 2015

Beta Of The Week!

Hey Jammer's!  CoolCat here with another post!  And it's time for another Beta Of The Week post!  I'm sorry I am a day late, I have been sick for a while and I totally forgot.  But rest assured I am feeling better!

  Today I will be talking about the Play Wild Music.  No it is not a Beta, but it is still believed by most Jammer's that it is.  I will be talking about it because this may help some Jammer's know it's true past, and it is also worth Beta's.  So let's get started! 

Play Wild the Music is a members-only music.  It was sold at the music shop in October 2011 for 100 gem's and is no longer available to buy. 

It has a pale/white/cream background with two music note's.  The first note is a quarter note with zebra print.  And the second music note is a eight note and it has a leopard pattern.

The Play Wild Music start's off steady then some keyboard sound effect's come in.  Later a voice can be heard saying something close to ''aw yeah, Play Wild.''

The Dinner Party also use's this music.

Most Jammer's call it the ''Beta Music'' or the ''Dinner Party Music'' instead of its proper name.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Beta! Bye Jammer's, and Jam On!  

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