Monday, August 29, 2016

Rare Head Bandage

Helloooo, Jammers!

Today I'll be covering today's Rare Item Monday!

This week's RIM is the Rare Head Bandage. It's purple, which is a bit of a throwback to the main color scheme (green and violet) that AJHQ has been using for most RIMs. They seem to be making a break from that lately, so I will be sure to look for the colors of what Rare items will be coming in the future. Let's try it on!

Ahh.... No.

A new trend in RIMs which I have observed over the past few weeks is "sets". There was a conglomeration of them that were music-themed, and now several seem to be related to the Medical Center. A Rare Cone Collar has already been released, so it will be interesting to see if another, different-colored Rare Cone Collar will be issued if the trend continues.

What's your prediction for next week's RIM, Jammers? Please tell us your guesses in the comments!

Jam On!



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