Saturday, February 20, 2016

New stuff!

Hello Jammers! Azul here with another post! We had the update on Thursday which brought lots of new things! The schoolhouse party is still going on. 
 We have some new animal themed furniture:
 Goats are here! They look SO cute! And the otters will be coming back to jamaa soon!
The clover armor is back in the diamond shop!
 Also in the diamond shop they have been adding some plushies!

 And you can now buy the chamber of knowledge music!
Other new things are the Leap Year party which will be out soon, Valentine's day items are leaving soon, so pick some up while you can! The Alphas will search for the lost falcon heartstone, Febuary 27 is international polar bear day, and the goat mini book is in the chamber of knowledge. Hope everyone has a great weekend! -Azul

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