Friday, February 5, 2016

New stuff!

Hello Jammers! Azul here! Sorry I haven't done a post in xD So excited with all the new updates and such. New dens, items, animals, pets, many cool new things! :D
Here are some of the new things you can get:

Here are the things you can get from the new jammer hosted party:

Summer (spring) carnival is back for just TWO WEEKS! And all the items are on sale, so get there while you can!
 Also a Chinese New Year party that is just for monkeys, with cool new den items you can't get anywhere else!
And this cute friendship cottage! :D With a looooonnng slide to slide down, and race your friends!
And for some reason, yesterday, at 11:00 pm, there was a "schoolhouse party" which was basically the back to school party. Idk why it was back or if it will be on again. There wasn't anything in the news about it unless I missed something.
But I hope you all have a great weekend! Jam safe! :D

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