Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Fathers Day Drawing!

Hey Jammers! graciepopstar91 here! Today is Fathers Day! Be sure to wish your dad a Happy Fathers Day! Anyways, if you forgot to buy a Fathers Day card, I have a solution! I made a drawing/card that you can give to your dad! Here it is!

Dad's are one of the greatest gifts that God gives us. They are always there when you need a hug, or encouragement! And remember, God is our Heavenly Father, and we should worship him and love him. Not only on Fathers Day, we need to worship and love him every day. 

Ephesians 6:4

4 Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.
Remember, God made YOU!


  1. Can you plzzzzzzzzzzz do the Blossom and Greely? The cliffhanger is killing me! -sarahkey8

  2. Hi NatureGirl!I am SO sorry! I totally forgot about Ida!! :O Here's the two chapters for today, really sorry for forgetting!
    Gasping, I tried to get back some of the air that had been knocked out of my lungs when my "rescuer" dropped me on my stomach.
    "You okay?"
    "Fine," I grunted.
    "Sorry about that," the red Falcon said. "You really oughta cut back on the ice cream."
    I let that slide. I had a better question.
    "Why was I in a tree?"
    "Phantoms," he replied.
    "'Scuse me?"
    "Phantoms. They were carrying you, and some Arctic Wolf. When they flew up through the trees, your head got stuck. Serves you right for wearing that awful hat."
    My blood turned to ice as he said 'Arctic Wolf'.
    "Explorer? They took him?"
    "Yeah. Saw 'em go that way," he pointed north.
    "You saw?" I was half incredulous. He nodded. "And you did nothing?!?!" A yell burst from my throat as I swiped at him with my paw.
    "Hey!" the Falcon screeched, as he took off through the forest canopy.
    I stood for a moment, not really knowing what to do, then I just... ran. After a short distance, I found myself at our campsite. I stood in the middle of it, panting. I thought of my father, alone with those Phantoms. Tears filled my eyes as I whispered;
    "I'll find you. I promise you. I'll find you."
    TBC DXplorergirl)

  3. Okay, that would be a HORRIBLE cliffhanger to stick you guys with, so here is...
    I had a new mission. Forget the silly Phantom Compass. The rude Falcon was gone, but he had given me a direction. North. Salvaging what I could from our ruined campsite - a sleeping bag, some provisions - I packed a satchel. At a steady pace, I set out in the direction he had pointed. As I walked, I began to regret my anger against the Falcon boy. I was glad I missed when I whacked at him with my paw... but he had watched Phantoms take Explorer, and stood by when he could have tried to save us. I wasn't ready to forgive him for that yet.
    You might wonder why I call him Explorer. I told you I was his apprentice for a while, and I got used to it. When he adopted me, I did consider calling him Dad, but it was just a little too weird, for both of us.
    Back to the recent past. I came upon a lake, fed by a river. Several Otters played in it, splashing and diving.
    "Seen any Phantoms around here?" I called to them.
    Two of them stopped their 'water war'. "Not since last week!"
    "'Kay, thanks," I shouted, and continued on.
    TBC (DXplorergirl)


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