Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Some New's. - Animal Jam Masterpeice Tips! - And MORE New's!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! And I want to first say I'm so sorry for not posting much since the end of last month! I have really been busy since my last post. And if I'm being completely honest with myself and all of you guys I will probably still be busy until the end of Summer. But don't worry! I will try and keep up with posting! I also want to thank my very best friend Graciepopstar91 for the nice Birthday wishes and posts!! :)

So now onto my news... I will be taking a break from my Beta Of The Week posts. I am running out betas to talk about and I have been doing then since the blog started last year and they are getting quite boring to post about. Don't worry I won't stop posting them forever! I will do them again eventually but I won't give out a time cause I truly don't know when that will be.

Okay so now onto the masterpiece part of this post! Ever since AJHQ added this feature to their game I have been OBBSESSED with it! It's a great way for Jammer's to express their creativity! I will try to give tips on what helps me be able to draw and hopefully it will you guys too!

1. The airbrush and blender/smudge will be your friend! These tools used together will give you a really great looking piece of art. I don't know quite how to explain it but it adds an extra something to every painting in my opinion.

2. Sometimes clean lines aren't important. With certain paintings clean lines are your worst enemy!
I'm currently working on a painting and it requires lines that are not straight. If your drawing like a arctic wolf or any animal yes clean lines are very important! But if your drawing things like trees, sunsets, or grassy plains, sometimes bumpy lines can make it look more real.

3. The frame you choose can make or break a painting. In my opinion if you draw a sunset painting or anything with orange/yellow/ or pinky colors, the gold frame is your friend. But with paintings with starry nights, I feel the silver frame is your friend. I have not tried out the other frames yet so I can't give advice with those.

And I think that is it for the masterpiece tips! Now for the MORE NEWS... DRUM ROLL PLEASE..

I don't know if any of you guys have heard the rumor that Spike's are returning in tomorrows update or not. And I'm here to tell you that...........

The rumor is true.  *Pauses and waits for everyone to freak out* If you have checked Animal Jam's Official Instagram you will see their preview of the update with the spikes. *Pauses and wait's for everyone to freak out again* BUT, They are going to be short collars and wrist, and NOT the original colors. They will also be 3 diamonds each and only for sale Thursday through Sunday if I'm correct. They will also have the diamond icon like everything else from the Diamond Shop. So it shouldn't affect the rarity of the current spikes. I also want to thank SarahKey8 for this information!

I will end this very long post here. Comment down below if you love the masterpiece update as much as I do! Also if you have made masterpieces comment which one you made is! ALSO.... Comment down below if you are excited for the update tomorrow! Since the last 4 updates have been each amazing, I'm sure this one will follow! Bye, Jammer's! And Jam On!

UPDATE: Graciepopstar91 asked me to let you all know the new Jammer Spotlight should be up tomorrow afternoon!


  1. Btw, Found another GREAT trading place! The Wild Explorers tent!

  2. Heeeeere's Ida!
    As I was walking away from the Otters, a thought occurred to me, and I turned around.
    "I am heading north, right?"
    "Northeast," one responded. "Follow the river upstream, then you'll be on the right track."
    "Don't mention it," they called back.
    An Otter ran after me. "Wait up!" she shouted.
    "You're looking for Phantoms, aren't you?" she asked, her eyes wide.
    "Yeah." I may have been a bit terse, knowing time was running out. "You seen any?"
    "You're a warrior!"
    "What? No, I --" I was caught by surprise.
    "I wanna come with you!" she was spunky, I'll give her that.
    "No. Are you crazy? It's way too dangerous," I said.
    "I'm a warrior, too, and I'm comin'!"
    I had had about enough of that spunk. Little did I know how much more spunk was stored in that tiny Otter body.
    "No, you're not." What I meant was that she wasn't coming with me, but it was unfortunately seen as a challenge. Quick as a flash, she put on a Pirate Sword and, with an amazing leap in the bargain, charged at me!
    "Hey!" I yelled, alarmed and perplexed. "What the Phantom?!" A second later, I was on the run, in the opposite direction from where I needed to go.
    TBC (DXplorergirl)

    My legs were powerful, but my attacker's were agile. Her lithe body flipped and bounded off rocks with skill surprising in one so young. Not that she was that much younger than me, but I had years of field training. Impressive. *Slash* I evaded her blade several times. A Rare Longbow was little help in close combat, but I couldn't spare the time to change. *Snick* I lost a bit of fur off my tail! That did it!
    "Stop it!" I said, spinning around. The Otter warrior was in the middle of swinging her sword at me! *Swoosh* Reacting quickly, I caught the base in both paws, stopping it an inch from my face. We both froze.
    "Why are we fighting each other?"
    My opponent blinked. "I don't really know." She lowered her sword. "I'm Precious Daringotter," she introduced herself.
    "Infinity DaisyAnimal," I responded. "Call me Ida."
    Suddenly, we heard the signature "squish" noise of... guess who? You'll never guess. *squish* *squish* We looked at each other, the same thought going through our minds. Phantoms.
    I pointed my paw to me, and then right, signaling that we would split up and try to sneak around them. Precious nodded, and we separated.
    TBC (DXplorergirl)


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