Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Jammer Chibi -- Cookies4ever8!

Helloooooooo, Jamaasians!

Karalee here!

This week's Jammer Chibi is Cookies4ever8, also known as IceCream Cookie Kitty!

This is her request comment(s)...

...and here are the collected references/base found on Pinterest.

This is the beginning sketch -- I had a bit of trouble understanding how the hair should be moving. It's like one continuous shape... but... squishy. And floppy.

Hair is weird.

This is the final sketch, AKA "Oh No! I Forgot the Frying Pan!".

This is the lineart...

...and finally...

...COLORS! 😁🌈

I hope you like it, IceCream Cookie Kitty! 😊

If there's one thing I'd keep the same about this drawing no matter what, it'd be the colors and shading. I feel like they bring so much life to this drawing in particular -- at least more than is in the lineart. 😆 If there's one thing I'd change, it'd have to be the Sheep Cloak's lineart. It doesn't seem to be wrapped around the chibi's body at all, it's just kind of a there in front of her. 😑

Welp, that's all I've got for this week!

 Tell me if you'd like to request a Jammer Chibi of yourself or of a buddy! Just copy-and-paste to fill out this form in the comments!

Name of the animal you'd like to be drawn in the outfit of:
Your skintone*:
Your hair color*:
Your hairstyle*:
Your eye color*:

Anything marked with a * can be left blank (as that might be information you're not comfortable with sharing) but let it be known that I will probably make up imaginary skin and hair based on your AJ avatar in lieu of other information, so please be prepared for the possibility of hot-pink skin and green fuzz on top of your head if you DO opt to leave those parts blank.

Who also has made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter kills, but the spirit gives life.
- 2 Corinthians 3:6

Woah. I don't remember ever reading this verse, but I really need to memorize it. I'm a bit (hah) of a perfectionist, so I often find myself nit-picking at the letter of the Bible in an effort to make sure I'm "doing it right" (whatever "it" may be). Concentrating on the Spirit is always more important. Need to remember that.

 Bye guys! *waves* See you next time! 😁




  1. AHHH THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!! :0

  2. Hey, Kara! :D

    Aaa her hair is so cute in that! :o

    I haven't requested a drawing in a long time, and for sure I haven't requested a chibi one, so I guess I'll do one XD

    Name of the animal you want drawn: Actually.. I don't want my main look drawn, but I'm not sure what animal I'm thinking of right now. XDD I'm writing this while I'm still in bed, so I'll get back to you on this one XD

    Your skintone: Very light.. Veeeery XD

    Your hair color: Kinda medium brown

    Your hair style: It has a natural wave to it (unless it's straightened XD), and is sometimes pulled to the right side of my face

    Your eye color: Green

    Also, I have black glasses, with a yellow and black design on the sides

    Thank you so much, Kara!! :D I can't wait to see it!

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Thanks, Gracie! C: I'll get it on the queue just as soon as I get that animal name!


  3. Love it!! Could I request one?
    Username: Violet86271
    Animal wanted to be drawn: I guess the pig I haveXD
    Skin tone: Average I guess not super light/pale but not super tanned.
    Hair colour: Dark brown, but not super dark brown
    Hairstyle: Mostly straight with a bit/some wave to it

    Thanks Kara! These are always so good:)

    1. Certainly! :) Thank you, Vi!


  4. Oh and the hair length is probably like 6 inches from the shoulder

  5. HI Kara!
    I haven't asked for a drawing in a really long time (like Gracie XD)
    And I was wonder could you maybe draw Newt from The Maze Runner? :D
    With his tan hoodie?
    Thanks sooo much! :D
    Also this is just, so darn cute. XD
    *Husky Ninja

    1. Ooh, a real human! Yikes! XD

      I don't know if it'll look much like him, but I'll see what I can do. :D


  6. TYSM FOR THIS! I love it, and whenever I ask people to draw my sheep bunny as a human, I always wonder how they're gonna use the sheep cloak XD But I love it!

    1. Well, how ELSE would you use a Sheep Cloak? XD Thank you!



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