Saturday, May 19, 2018


So yesterday we had people come over at 10:00 and Me, Sarah were going to leave for the kennel as soon as dad got home at 2:50ish
The trip there actually wasn't as long and bad as I thought it was gonna be.
When we got there Trump and his sister were in a cage they were the last one picked of the litter.
So the person took Trump out of the cage and handed him to me. His head was sooo fluffy!
The person went over a bunch of papers with our Dad and explained a few basic things.
They gave us papers on what to expect the first few weeks and things like that.
And then they gave us a big bag that had, a food and water bowl, TONS of treats, food, and toys.
On the way home Trump stayed in the bag of the carrier. Me and Sarah took turns petting him because the cage was between us and at a difficult angle for both of us to pet him at the same time.
He slept most of the way there and didn't make a sound besides a tiny bit of panting.
About 10 minutes before we got home we put on his collar and his collar.
It took us awhile to put his collar on because he wasn't coming out of his cage, and again it was at a difficult angle. XD
So when we got home (it was about 9:27) we put him on the grass and tried to get him to eat and everything.
But he didn't want to eat or drink so we took him inside.
Trump took turns siting next to people and leaning against them, it was soooo cute. <3 nbsp="" p="">Fire was watching through the glass we were kinda nervous about what she was going to do. We still haven't introduced Trump to the cats.
Trump hardly whined at all in the night and in the 11 hours he's been with us he's only barked
twice XD
In the morning I woke up and 5;00 and just kinda sat there for an hour. I think I was half asleep for half of that.
At 5:50 I saw that Trump was awake and Sarah was awake too so we decided we should let him out of his cage and explore.
He started to eat. And after he was done we took him outside and put him on a chain.
He wasn't used to the leash and wasn't moving so we just carried him to the tree.
He got pretty hyper on the chain and even tried to tie Sarah up XD
After we had been out there for maybe 15 minutes we decided to go back inside.
And sense he was happy with the chain I tried the leash again and he was pretty good!
A few times he would back up shake his head and try to get it off but that only lasted like
10 seconds each. XD

Then Mom and Dad came in and Trump fell asleep on Sarah. XD
He's still asleep now as I'm writing this.

The panda toy is his favorite so far and he can barely fit the ball in his mouth

Ok guy's I'm super sorry but I'm going to have to cut this post short. D:  I was planing to put like 7 pictures of Trump in this post and maybe a video
but this afternoon I was talking with people.
And then after dinner I had to watch Boo and take care of Trump. DX
And it is currently 9:17
I'm really really sorry and I will include more pictures of Trum Trum next week!

*Husky Ninja 
(Thinking about changing my siggy to Trum Trum) 


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