Saturday, May 5, 2018

Some beautiful art of mine :,) (JK)

Howdy ya'll! 
I don't feel like making a silly intro right now so um, instead I have a bunch of talking. If you want you can skip past all of it. XD 
This post is scheduled for Saturday because my brother's Graduation party is Saturday starting at 1:00 and my mom won't let me use the excuse to write a post to stop working XD 
So I've been doing a lot of art lately trying to pass the time.
So as I said my brother's Graduation is tomorrow, and all this week has been rainy and the power was turned off for like 20 minutes in the past 3 nights, so all of our clocks have been blinky XD (I love the word blinky it's just super fun to say) 
So all this week was rainy, but only on Saturday, is it gonna be sunny and 70 degrees! :O
That's a really big blessing because there's gonna be a lot of kids.
Also yesterday I was helping my mom make soup and I was taking the lid off of the giant pot, the lid was pretty hot so when I was setting it down I burned two of my finger's because my mom forgot to turn off the burner after taking the rice crispy bars off DX 
So I stuck my hands in cold water. And I even had to stay home from going to a church that was having a National Day of Prayer/ Praise and worship night sort of thing. D:
I also was taking care of Boo and one other small sibling, and Sarah just stayed home to help. 
When everyone else got home mom put some raw honey on it which made it feel a lot better. And then I put some ice and a little bit of water in a sandwich bag for overnight. 
And this morning (Friday) It was healed! No pain at all! :O 
Another big blessing because it's kind hard to run around playing Capture the Flag (We always play that when ever friends come over) with your hand stuck in a deli meat container of water. XD
Ok now I'll stop talking and get on with the art! :D 

The Maze Runner The Cliff. 
The cliff is not in the movie but it's in the book and I just felt like drawing more scenery. 
I drew rocks because when Thomas and Minho are exploring it says they threw a lot of rocks off the cliff to figure out how big the Griever Hole was. 
I think this turned out pretty good! :D 
Also this is how I imagined it.
The book didn't really give a lot of detail on how it looked.

Lord of The Rings The white tree of Gondor 

Reference picture(s):
Image result for lord of the rings minas tirith tree
I used this one for the tree base ^

Image result for lord of the rings minas tirith tree
And this one for the stars ^

I think this turned out ok! I'm not the greatest at drawing trees XD

And this is how it looks in the movie.
Image result for lord of the rings minas tirith tree
The best picture I could find. 

Image result for lord of the rings minas tirith soldier
There aren't very many picture of the soldiers ...
At this picture, I believe their looking at a troll not sure what kind of troll though.

The bird feeder outside my window I haven't finished it yet because at the time there was still snow on the ground I'll show you this drawing when it's completed :D 

The Maze Runner wall and door. 

Reference picture 
Image result for the maze runner the walls

I think this one turned out pretty good! :D 
It took me awhile to make all the grass maybe 15 minutes I'm not sure I don't really look at the clock while I'm drawing XD 
 And that is all I have so far. If you have any ideas for me to draw ask and I'll consider them! 
I highly look forward to posting next week. 
You Guys: O,O why? 
Let's just say if I had the flare I'd be a crank in 3 days. :) 
Sorry. I'm just a little talkative I guess because I haven't been on the hangout very much the past few days and been cleaning a lot. And because Tox was making me so nervous this morning while he was browsing the soundtrack for the third maze runner movie 
Ok I'll shut up now. 
Peace love ninja's! 

*Husky Ninja 


  1. I love your drawings Ja! They are very good:)


    These are so cool!!!!!!! :0 I think my favorite is the bird feeder or tree one!!!!!

    AHHH GOOD JOB JA!!!!!! ^.^


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