Friday, September 18, 2015

New And Leaving Item's!

Hey Jammer's!  CoolCat here with another post!  And today I will be telling you about the new and leaving item's!  Okay, so I will first start with the new item's in the Diamond Shop located in Jamaa Township.  These item's were briefly covered in the new update post, but I thought I would cover these item's again.  Okay so the Wind Armor has returned to Jamaa!!  We have the Wind Helmet for 2 Diamond's. The Wind Amulet for 1 Diamond.  The Wind Armor for 3 Diamond's.  The Wind Gauntlet's for 1 Diamond.  And lastly, the Wind Tail Armor for 2 Diamond's. All of those item's are member's only.  Okay, and then over in Bahari Bargain's in Bahari Bay, we have only 2 new item's. And they are the member's only Shell Armor and the member's only Shell Helmet. Okay so that's it for the new item's!  Now it's time for the leaving item's! Okay so back in Jamaa Township's Jam-Mart Furniture, we have a lot of seasonal item's leaving!  Okay so we have nearly all of the sand den item's leaving! And I will give a short list of them. And they are the Sand Castle Wall.  The Sand TV. The Sand Couch. The Sand Table. The Sand Chair. The Sand Toy Box. The Sand Rug. The Sand Window. The Sandman. And lastly, the Sand Armoire. The Sand Castle Wall has one day left! Make sure you get one while you still can! And now here is our verse of the day!  

And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient. II Timothy 2:24

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