Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fall update!

Hey Jammers! Aj has updated for fall! With an awesome new den, a new party, cool den items and clothing accessories, and an adventure for the pets! The pet adventure is a fun way to get a lot of free stuff, like candy shop den items! I think aj should have more pet adventures. And the pet bats are back! I think they are cute. :) And if you are having trouble finding the bat, its in the spooky party, and you click the bat in the wallpaper next to the open door that leads to the basement thing. There is also a new game where you try to keep the phantoms from taking your piece of candy.
Also in epic wonders, they have the October birthstone, or Opal as it is called. I think it is very pretty. :) It's sparkly and can be different colors.
Well that's pretty much it for now.

Today's verse comes from 1st Chronicles chapter 16, verse 34

Have an AWESOME weekend! Jam safe! And remember, God made bats! :)

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