Friday, April 29, 2016

AJ Update: Spring Cottage Update And Grahams Workshop Picture Tutorial!

Hey jammers! graciepopstar91 here with some awesome news! Yesterday was update-day on Animal Jam! Heres the Jamaa Journal.

As you can see, a new den is out! Its called Spring Cottage. Its so beautiful! There is lots of outdoor space! Its in the Diamond Shop (located in Jamaa Township) and is selling for 7 diamonds. Ill probably do a walk through of the den later in the week or next week. Now for the second page!

As you can see, the seasonal adventure, Grahams Workshop, is back! If you haven't been on this adventure before, heres a quick picture tutorial on how to play it! 

In this adventure, you have to use tools (shown above) to pan for gold and sliver, excavate for stone and gemstone, etc! You get these items so you can redeem them for den items and clothing items! 

EXCAVATE: To excavate for stone, and gemstone, simply tap the coil looking rocks with a hammer, until all of the coal is gone, and you can see either gemstone, or stone. The difference between the two stones is that, gemstone is blue, and stone is gray.

PAN: To pan, swipe your mouse back and forth until you can see either gold or sliver. 

BAMBOO COLLECTING: To collect bamboo, double click each piece of bamboo until your basket is full. Dont worry! You wont have to click through a whole forest of bamboo. Just a few pieces and then some bamboo will start falling from the sky. 

WOOD GATHERING: To gather wood, hold down your mouse on a piece of wood and drag it into the wheel barrel. Keep doing this until all of your wood pieces are in your wheel barrel. 

STRAW HARVESTING: To harvest straw, simply slide your mouse back and forth until the straw is gone. 

Okay! Now back to the Jamaa Journal!

On the left side of this page, it says how, you can now have 200 buddies! On the right side of this page, it says how theres a new Rock Star Outfit! Today, two Rock Star Outfit pieces are out in the Diamond Shop! Im sure more will come this week. You can find the Rock Star Outfit pieces on the table in the Diamond Shop shown below. 

Now for the 4th page!

On the left of this page, it says how the Cruise Ship Party is back! I haven't been to it this year though. If you haven't been to this party before, its pretty fun! They have a little shop where you can buy a smoothie machine (and they have a smoothie machine next to it that you can use while your at the party), there is also a pool and a slide so you can slide into the pool! Anyways, on the right side of the page, it says how whenever you dance, your pet will dance with you! And when you sleep, play, hop, sit, your pet will do the same! When your pet plays, it will have its own unique way of playing! Like a pet Lemur will play a guitar! 
Now for the 5th page!

On the left side of this page, it says how Hyenas are returning to Jamaa! My guess is that Hyenas will probably return in 2-4 or 6 weeks. On the right side of this page, it says how the Sumer Carnival is returning soon!

Im really sorry this was a super long post!

Heres todays Bible verse!

Zechariah 14:9 

And the LORD will be king over all the earth. On that day there will be one LORD-his name alone will be worshiped.

Remember, God made YOU!


  1. Cool! I love your blog so much! You really inspire me <3

    1. Thank you! I'm glad this blog inspires you :)

    2. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING A BIBLE VERSE THANK YOU! if I showed my mom I'm sure she would LOVE IT!


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