Monday, November 28, 2016

Nature Pictures

Hey Jammers, today I am going to do a Nature Post with pictures from my OWN back yard! I hope you enjoy them!

This was a big orange tree down the road.

This is just in our forest.

This is our river.

The river, I just love this one!


This is just in our yard.

This was a sunset I saw in the car, coming home from Piano!
Here is another one, oh this one is so pretty!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures!

Cool Animal Fact: Some birds like the Parrot can actually sound like a phone ring!

*King Tough Bunny


  1. Wow! O.O You've got a really big yard! :D


    1. XD no kidden! but uh, Care a, that's mot even HALF OF IT! :D
      *King Tough Bunny

  2. Oh my goodness Ja! HOW IS YOUR YARD SO FREAKIN' BEAUTIFUL!!!!!??? I love it!!!!!

    -swirlshine (school computer)


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