Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Adventure Of The Frogsloth, 22nd Entry

Hey, Jammers! 

Today there will be one long chapter instead of two short ones.  Hope you enjoy!

Dear Diary,
The pounding steps of the Elephant bore down on us.
Acting quickly, I clamped my jaws firmly around the muddy-tasting Camouflage Jacket Lieutenant wore, dragging us both out of the way just as Horty's thundering feet impacted the floor where we had been mere seconds ago.
Uncle Baron was fighting rather well, considering that the most I had seen of him was in a lab bending over a test tube set. What exactly did he do on those long trips of his?
He snatched a long-necked green vase off a nearby end table and shattered it over the Falcon's head, then deftly jumped behind the olive-velvet Elegant Couch, momentarily sticking the crossbow into the pocket of his Lab Coat.
Despite his injured foot, Keelow crawled up onto the couch, snarling. He intended to spring over the back at Uncle Baron. Before he was able to do so, Uncle Baron flipped the couch over rapidly. The dark-clothed Lemur was trapped under that tasteful piece of furniture, squirming like the coward he was, orange eyes wide.
Pulling the crossbow out of his pocket, Uncle Baron pointed it at the fallen boss of the thugs.
"Don't move," he said to the whole room, and the whole room froze.
"Now," he said, his voice deceptively calm, even as his breath heaved from exertion. "You three are going to be very still, or you'll be missing a leader shortly. Lieutenant?"
"Yeah?" Lieutenant panted, his fist still ready to strike Parker the Goat.
"Take my niece. Move her towards the door."
'Take my niece'? Really? Did you not just see me save his butt? Indignant thoughts aside, I was silent when Lieutenant moved beside me.
We stepped through the hall entry in silence, Uncle Baron s-l-o-w-l-y inching back from Keelow, the crossbow still pointed at the Lemur leader's head.
"Get through the door," Uncle Baron murmured, his eyes flickering to the side to glance at us for an instant, but not turning his head away.
The sound of everyone's heavy breathing filled the room as Lieutenant and I backed up the steps leading to the basement-house's secret entrance. I prayed we wouldn't trip.
I finally backed against the front door. My paw slid backwards and felt for the handle. It found its mark.
As the door swung open, Lieutenant and I stepped into the fresh air... well, it was a swamp, so not so fresh.
Uncle Baron came up the stairs, still pointing the crossbow. When he crossed the threshold, he swiftly slammed the door, turned, stuffed the crossbow into his pocket, pushed us forward, and whispered, "Run."
Adrenaline in our veins and danger behind us, we ran through those cypress trees faster than I had ever gone before.


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