Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Buddies Dream Come True 2 Chapters!

Boy, it's been awhile since I've done this! So today I will do two chapters! :D
Karaleee and Crazcatlover
SwirlShine and LostFairy, Koolest

PS: We did not really go to a art museum, idk if there even is one there, but this seemed the best way to get the artist. :P
While Ja's family was in the state where her brother was. They were going to go to a art museum, Ja was really excited, she loved looking at art, like on Animal Jam!
While looking around, she saw the Van Gogh Starry Night painting! The one that Kara had done on Animal Jam!
"Sarah look at this!" Ja called.
"Cooool!" Sarah said.
"Man, I can almost touch those stars!" Ja exclaimed.
While Ja and Sarah were admiring the painting, another girl and her mom came up.
"Look at this one Honey!" The Mom exclaimed. "does this look familiar?" she teased.
"Yes Mom I drew that on Animal Jam!" the girl exclaimed.
Sarah looked and Ja. "Is that Kara?!"
"I don't know" I said, "I mean, I've seen a lot of other people do that painting."
"But she is around like 16 or so." Sarah said. "Doesn't that count for something?" 
"I don't know" I repeated.
"I wonder if Gracies third Friendship Mail, is up yet" the girl wondered
Sarah looked at me with eyebrows up.
"All right all right! I think it's Kara too now!"
"Lets see." Sarah said.
"Wait wait!" I said,
"What is it?!" Sarah said.
"Look at that girl over there, she has a shirt that said Crazcatlover."
"WOO!" Sarah said loudly.
The two girl's looked at Ja and Sarah.
The first girl's mother came over to them, "Girl this is a museum, may I ask you to please quiet down?" She added with a smile.
"Sorry" whispered Sarah.
Sarah and Ja walked over to the girl they thought was Kara.
"Kara?" Sarah said.
"What?!" Kara exclaimed, "How do you know that name?!"
"It's me, Ja and Sarah!" I exclaimed.
"Bu bu but how?!" Kara said.
"We're visiting our brother, he got married yesterday!"
"Oh cool!" Kara said, "next time you see him tell him congrats!"
"We will!" Sarah said.
Then the other girl they thought was Crazcatlover came over.
"Guys guys, can you please be a little more quiet?"
"Crazcatlover!" I said.
"Huh? How do you know that name? Do you read my blog?"
Kara giggled, "yup! I'm Kara, and this is Ja and Sarah!"
"Awesome! This is amazing!"
"I know right!?" I said.
Cat held up her phone, "selfie."
I laughed, "ok!"
We squeezed together.
"Say Animal Jam!" Cat said.
"Hey Hey, QUIET down, or I'll have to ask you to leave" A man in a suit said.
"Sorry" we whispered, then we giggled.

LostFairy-SwirlShine and Koolest

Ja and Sarah were in the car again. The tablet was out of battery for now. They were two states away from their brother's state.
and It was time to take a break.
they stopped at a 'rest' place beside the highway.
Mom got out some granola bars, fruit snacks and a few other things.
Ja ate two granola bars, a fruit snack, and a sandwich.
While she and Sarah ate, they heard a scream coming from near a water fountain.
Ja ran over and saw two girls, both around her age. One of them was pale, with wide eyes, the other had a huge smile on her face.
"What's wrong?" Sarah said running up to Ja.
The girl with a pale face, was breathing hard, but managed to gasp out. "This ... Girl ..... is ... a ... friend ..... of .... mine .... from a game called ........ Animal Jam!!!"
"Swirl?!" Sarah exclaimed.
"What yes! how did you know!?" Swirl asked.
"I'd recognize your craziness anywhere!" Sarah said. "plus, your wearing a shirt that says BOLD BANANA with a banana on the front, eating a brownie covered with hair" Sarah laughed.
The other girl laughed too.
"And this is Lost!" Swirl exclaimed.
"I knew it!" I shouted.
"How?" Lost asked.
"I don't know, but I just pictured you together, and I kinda guessed."
The girls laughed.
"Oh oh! And this is Koolest" Lost said. "KOOLEST!" she yelled.
A girl ran over to them.
"This is Ja and Sarah."
"We've seen SO many buddies from Animal Jam." I exclaimed
"This morning we saw Crazcatlover and Karalee." Sarah said.
"Sweet!" Lost said.
"This vacation has been the best time of my life" I said. "It's almost better then, then. then getting a horse!"
Sarah gasped. "And that's a lot guys!"
Lost, Swirl and Koolest laughed.
"Wanna play tag while we wait for all the little kids to eat?"
"Sure!" they said.

These two chapters are probably my favorite that I've done so far! :D
Next week I'm planing to do, Custard and Gfox, and Flora and Purple. :D
Hope you enjoy those and these chapters today!
I can't do Fix My Eyes because I am on a computer that AJ doesn't work, and Sarah is hogging the computer that AJ DOES work lol.

*King Tough Bunny 

Cool Animal Fact: Wolves howl, to mark their territory.



    Great job! Can't wait to read the next chapters! ^.^

  2. Great story Ja! :D You know.. I wonder what we would all really be like if all the AJ bloggers met in real life.. :P It would be so cool to actually meet everyone!

  3. I've been trying to read this whole series but it's taking me a while to catch up with all the posts. Nice story, btw, Ja! (I don't take selfies often so in reality I'd probably just ask my mom to take a picture of us all together lol I'm so old-fashioned)


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