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Facts About Pets! The Blogger Portal Chapter 2

Hi Jammers! Saaaarrrahhhh here with another post!

Today we talk about the history of pets! Pets are the best feature in AJ by far!Well, tied, with masterpieces XD!  (Except for Buddies!)

Pets came out June 23, 2011; there were only four pets, pet puppy, pet kitty, pet ducky, and pet frog(gy)
When pets first came out,  instead of being able to customize them in your own unique way, you would get a totally random pet, with totally random items! (Or were items rare... idk o.o) the players who brought pets, who be awarded a "One Of A Kind" achievement, which was removed when the achievement list was moved to the Chance Your Look menu.
Image result for animal jam pet finder
Ahh, I remember in the old days when this was how you would buy a pet without going somewhere XD (As long as it wasn't diamond..)
In June of 2015, the 'Pet Finder' (which sort of looked like this) ^^
All flying animals can only use flying pets.

There is a pet counterpart for pretty much all AJ Avatars, except for wolves and koalas! (Oh, and the newest animals, AJHQ hasn't bothered with those XD) Omg, if AJHQ made it so you could make spinnyboi's with the koalas... IMAGINE LITTLE SPINYBOIS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I watch Julian2, but not as much as I use to

Sometimes, if a pet wears a certain item, it will sometimes have a 'Special Play' such as if you put the I-Phone on the Skunk, it would play with it when you play ;)

The first non-member pet den item was the Pet Cardboard Castle!

At first you were only able to have about 21 pets (I think anyways o.o) then it changed to 30-40 something, then 49, (or was it 59?) then finally 100! But with all the '100 Items' we are getting, pets could be next! I uhm, may or may not have 100 pets...  *coughs*

The play as your part party and the pets only party's 'Pet Stop' has secret items that are not available normally!
On August 18th, 2016, Pet Trading was released!
on September 16th, 2016 Pet Certificates were released!

The pet customization screen allows for 153,600 unique combinations (20 primary colors × 20 secondary colors × 6 eye options × (4×4×4) body options) for each pet. If the pet is further customized using Pet Stop, there are a staggering 34,560,000 unique combinations (9 primary accessories (4 rare + 4 regular + 1 blank) × 5 secondary accessories (4 regular + 1 blank) × 5 tertiary accessories (4 regular + 1 blank)) for every single pet. (I copied this one from the AJ Wiki.. XD)
That is a lot of combinations :o

The 'Golden Pig' scam was a scam when Jammers would buy a pet pig, put the 'special' golden tophat on it, and it would make the pig all golden, but only the pig, the items that you put on it were still the same color,
Like this!

People were offered rare spikes, and other rares for this scam pigglet, fortunately, youtubers made videos exposing it, and not nobody falls for it.
 It is much like the False Golden Bunny scam, where Jammers would make a goldenish color on bunnies, and they would do the squinting eye so people could not see the eyes, and figure out it was golden, like the golden pigglet scam, it was exposed it   once famous jammers made a video about it!

Pet Effect-Snake
Photo Credit to Animal Jam Wiki!
To get pet effects all you have to do is either catch: 100 golden mice, 100 golden discs, or 100 golden ducks, they will earn a pet effect! You are not able to trade pet affects, once you trade a pet with a pet effect to another Jammer, the pet effect will be lost, so I advise not trading these!

Well, I think I have rambled on about pets long enough! Now for The Blogger Portal Sequel Chapter 2 and 3!!

                                                Chapter 2

In front of me, was the person with the cheetah shirt from the store! "Who are you!?" I exclaimed.
"You don't remember me?" the girl said with a smirk. I squinted. "Ohhhhh! No." I answered. "Ugh! I'm Cheetahgirl123!" Cheetah exclaimed "Oh." I said, and jumped into my portal, but was shot back by some sort of electrical force.  
I looked up and noticed my portal was closed! Then I remembered, the one in the strange palace thing. "Well...... this has been fun but I'm going to go!" I exclaimed as I took off down the hall,
I passed the river, knowing that  I had no time to pass it on the dolphins.

I didn't hear footsteps, but I didn't take any risks. After running for a couple minutes, I noticed a bridge! It didn't look very sturdy,
but I was starting to hear footsteps, so I ran across it, I screamed as one of the boards broke, and jumped, thankfully, I reached the shore. And heard shouts from behind, then I saw it, another portal! I wasn't sure what the sign above it said, but I jumped into it. And landed in, Arctic's room? I asked my self. Arctic came in, and seemed surprised.
"Sarah! Whats up?" she asked. I explained all that had happened. Arctic sat on the edge of her bed, "Wow.. andd we thought we would never see Cheetah again.. What do you think she wants?" Arctic asked. "Beats me, she still hasn't told us the name of her blog, if it even still exists, I have no idea." I replied. "Do you want to go to your place?" Arctic wondered. "Yeah!" We went over to Arctic's closet, and went into the portal, fortunately, Cheetah wasn't around. We went over to my portal and jumped in, landing in my bedroom. "Wait, if Cheetah can go into Blogger Portal Land, doesn't that mean she could come to our house?" Arctic wondered. "I was wondering about that too, it must be... well, I'm not exactly sure." I said. "Maybe its because we don't really know her.." Arctic concluded, "That would make sense." I said "Either way, we should warn the other bloggers." said Arctic, "Yeah, a Blogger Meeting, same time as always!" I winked, Arctic smiled, "Just tell everybody, if they aren't in their rooms, leave a note."  I nodded, "Seeya later Arctic!" I exclaimed. "Yep! Bye Sarah! Seeya tonight!"

Comment Call: What do you think of this chapeter? What is Cheetah up too, and does Daniel The Drum, really make sense? Find out next Wednesday!

Please do not be offended if you weren't in this chapter, I'm trying to make chapters with one blogger at a time, and you will be mentioned eventually!

Well, bye guys! I'm sooo sorry that this post is late! In the morning I had school, my mom went over my school, I had lunch, then I had to get ready for swimming, and when I got home I had do chores and have dinner! Plus after dinner I had to do my room D:

Well dat is all for nowww byeeeeeeeeeeeeee peeeeeeeeepsssssssssssssssss


  1. *when you realize you posted at 8:00, facepalms*
    Soooooo sorry for the late post guys D:

    1. Honey, that's normal for me, or even better! XD You made it while it was still Wednesday, so it's a win. CX


    2. XD In 2 weeks I will be posting earlier, the reason why lately i have been posting 'later' (Though I know you are like 3 hours behind me so it wouldn't seem as late XD) Is because I have had swimming lessons in the afternoon, and when I get back usually I have to do chores, and have a little time to post, and then dinner XD

  2. I don't get it? Is Cheetah a real person who is mean? XDD

    1. IRL Cheetah is not, but in the story she is, every story needs a enemy who wants revenge! XD

  3. Oooh, cool post, Sarah! I remember the old pet buying screen (or whatever it was called XD). I'm thinking of trying to get a pet effect once I get a membership. :D
    Wow, this chapter is so awesome! I can't wait to read chapter 3! :D I really like your writing style. ^.^

    1. Ty! Me too, I love pets, they are my favorite thing in AJ, but I'm too lazy to get pet effects XD

      Tysm Purple! :D


    1. IKR IT WAS SO COOL,and it made more sense then buying one out of no where.... XD But I have to admit, the newer one is easier to use, but the other one was lots cooler

  5. Ooh! Great post!

    I love this addition to the story! The plot thickens!

    - Arctic


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